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Lessons in Love Cheat Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Lessons in Love cheat codes galore. So if you are looking to max affection or increase the lust of a specific character, here’s all the Lessons in Love cheat codes to activate right now.

If you are looking for a dark visual novel with a good story, we strongly recommend Lessons in Love. Released in 2023 by Selebus, its gameplay takes place in the fictional city of Kumon-mi, where players assume the role of a teacher of ten high school students looking to find their way through life.

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As their teacher, your objective will be to manage and develop relationships with each of them on and off the school premises. You can easily choose to visit them at their part-time jobs and have them hang out with you at a local bar.

Lessons in Love does have an interesting plot, and its anime-styled visuals are something that will allure manga and anime fans. Now, assuming you’re looking to simplify your gaming experience by increasing affection with all the characters in-game, here are all the currently active Lessons in Love cheat codes to activate right now.

Lessons in Love Cheat Codes

For one thing, there are a plethora of cheat codes for Lessons in Love. So assuming your current game version is v0.22.0, here’s a complete list of every single Lessons in Love cheat codes to activate right now.

  • goodhomie = undo betraying Rin.
  • rosebud = increases affection with all girls by 100.
  • lagfix = resets the call stack which an early version of the headpat system caused to pile up and cause lag.
  • floor1victory = make it so floor 1 won the dorm war.
  • floor2victory = make it so floor 2 won the dorm war.
  • dormwartie = make it so the dorm war resulted in a tie.
  • funinthesun = resets the beach event and makes it trigger the next Sunday.
  • fingeryourniece = resets Ami’s events ‘No One Can See Us’ and ‘Important Things’ and gives the message “You now have the opportunity to be a better uncle.”
Note: The fingeryourniece cheat code only works if you haven’t completed the Christmas event yet (specifically the event named “Fireworks, Chicken, and the Innate Fear of Death”). Attempting to use it after the Christmas event does nothing, not even marking your save as a cheater. If your playing the censored version, replace the word niece in the cheat with whatever the censor replaces it with. I’ve never played it, but the cheat is set up to accept the alternative.
  • iwillalwaysloveyou = increase Ami’s lust by 100.
  • bubblewrapprincess = increase Ayane’s lust by 100.
  • likemotherlikedaughter = increase Makoto’s lust by 100.
  • heartofgold = increase Chika’s lust by 100.
  • atreefallsintheforest = increase Futaba’s lust by 100.
  • supermom = increase Sara’s lust by 100.
  • thouartsick = increase Haruka’s lust by 100.
  • youonlyliveonce = increase Kirin’s lust by 100.
  • openrelationship = increase Maki’s lust by 100.
  • shiningstar = increase Niki’s lust by 100.
  • seemeafterclass = count Chika’s ‘Detention’ lust event as having triggered.
  • wheredoesthetimego = 100 Days pass while you sit at the computer.

Wrapping Up

So these are all the currently active Lessons in Love cheat codes to activate right now. Ensure to bookmark this page and patronizing often for new cheat codes update.

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