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Pocket Knights 2 Gift Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Pocket knights 2 codes galore. So if you’re looking to get free gems in-game, then here’s a list of all the active codes for Pocket Knights 2.

A glimpse at Pocket Knights 2 and you’d see it is a big step up from its predecessor. Not only does it delve into the action RPG genre but also offers a stunning and colorful 3D graphics.

Pocket Knights 2 gameplay starts out like every other MMORPG out there. At first, players will need to create their own character and assign them different hairstyle and attire.

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From here, they’d be thrown into a three-dimensional world full of magic, adventure and monsters. The game’s main goal is literally to recruit and train a team of brave heroes and have them battle various opponents in real-time.

While the game may sound thrilling, strategy is of essence especially if you’re looking to win any fight. Now assuming you’re bored grinding and probably want to get some freebies in-game, then here’s a list of all the currently active gift codes for pocket knights 2.

Pocket Knights 2 Gift Codes

Pocket Knights 2 gift codes galore, but you’d be disappointed to see that a slew of them are outdated. Fortunately, we’ve got something that works and we urge you to try it out. So without further ado, here’s all the new Pocket Knights 2 Gift Codes to redeem right now.

  • HF900002QLS2P2DS
  • HF880002NJQZM3K3
  • HF910002PKR1NZYR
  • HF970002VRX7UY4E
  • HD870002RBV0YSB8

If you’re looking to catch up faster in Pocket Knights 2, then the above gift codes will surely help. Once redeemed, you’d get items such as Gold/Diamond seeds, Wisdom Light, Gear, etc.

How to Redeem Pocket Knights 2 Gift Codes

The steps involve in redeeming the above listed Pocket Knights 2 Gift codes is pretty simple and straightforward. So if you’re looking to collect your rewards before they expire, then here’s how to redeem codes in Pocket Knights 2.

To begin with, fire up the game and head over to Event >> Daily >> Gift codes. From here, input any of the codes listed above into the empty box and redeem. That’s all!.

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