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Reviz Admin Script and Commands (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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When Person299’s debuted its admin command script, a slew of Roblox fans went gaga. Being able to kill a player instantly or getting them healed with just a “press of the button” was a dream come true. Fast forward to 2020, we can now see a slew of Roblox admin command script mushrooming the web.

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From the Kohl’s own admin infinite script to Adonis command script, you’d be wowed at what these scripts can do. Today, we aren’t gonna talk about HD Admin nor its likes, for this article will be closely focused on Reviz admin script.

What’s Reviz Admin Script

Without beating around the bush, Reviz Admin command script is basically a script that let’s you perform certain actions in a game. All it takes is an admin status coupled with typing in a specific command into the chat and/or GUI textbox and you can easily kill or fling a player with ease.

While Reviz Admin doesn’t fall under the most well known Roblox admin command script, it is still worth mentioning. So assuming you are looking for a script that can help you fling a player or teleport them up painlessly, then here’s a direct URL to grab Reviz Admin script.

Copy and paste the Reviz Admin Script from into a reliable Roblox exploit

Reviz Admin Commands

Reviz as an Fe admin Gui is definitely awesome. Its only disadvantage is that it offers several undocumented commands and it’s hard to come by a full command list on any website. So in a bit to make things easier, we’ve listed below all the Reviz Admin Commands worth utilizing. Do ensure you execute the script using a level 7 executor.

  • kill – This command will kill the player. You can use rkill to kill you and player
  • bring – This will bring the player to you
  • spin – This will make you and the player spin craz. To disable, type unspin
  • attach – Attaches you to the player
  • unattach – Attempts to unattach you from a player
  • follow – This makes you follow behind the player. To disable, type unfollow
  • freefall – This command teleports you and the player up into the air
  • trail – This let’s you stay infront of player. To disable, type in untrail
  • orbit – This makes you orbit the player. To disable, type unorbit
  • fling – This makes you fling the player. To disable, type unfling
  • fecheck – This helps you check if the game is FE or not
  • void – This command teleports player to the void
  • noclip – This gives you noclip to walk through walls. To disable, type clip
  • speed [num]/ws [num] – This command changes how fast you walk 16 is default
  • jumppower [num]/jp [num] – This changes how high you jump 50 is default
  • hipheight [num]/hh [num] – This changes how high you float 0 is default
  • default – This command changes your speed, jumppower and hipheight to default values
  • annoy – This command Loop teleports you to the player. To disable, type unannoy
  • headwalk – This command Loop teleports you to the player head. You can type unheadwalk to disable
  • nolimbs – This removes your arms and legs
  • god – This command gives you FE Godmode
  • drophats – This command drops your accessories
  • droptool – Drops any tool you have equipped
  • loopdhats – This command Loop drops your accessories. To disable, type unloopdhats
  • loopdtool – This command Loop drops any tools you have equipped. To disable, type unloopdtool
  • invisible – This command gives you invisibility
  • view – This changes your camera to the player character. To disable, type unview
  • goto – This commans teleports you to player
  • fly – This let’s you fly. To disable, type unfly
  • chat [msg] – This let’s you chat a message
  • spam [msg] – This lets you Spam a message. To disable, type unspam
  • spamwait [num] – This changes the delay of chatting a message for the spam command in seconds default is 1 second
  • pmspam – This spams a player in private message. To disable, type unpmspam
  • cfreeze – This freezes a player on your client, they will only be frozen for you. To disable, type unfreeze.
  • unlockws – This command unlocks the workspace
  • lockws – This command Locks the workspace
  • btools – This gives you btools. Quite useful for deleting certain blocks
  • pstand – This enables the platform stand. To disable, type unpstand
  • blockhead – This removes your head mesh
  • bringobj [obj] – Only shows on client, brings an object/part to you constantly, can be used to bring healing parts, weapons, money etc, provided you type in exact name
  • wsvis [num] – This changes the visibility of workspace parts, num should be between 0 and 1, only shows client sided
  • hypertotal – This loads in my FE GUI Hypertotal
  • rmeshhats/blockhats – This get rid of the meshes of all your accessories aka block hats
  • rmeshtool/blocktool – This command removes the mesh of the tool you have equipped aka block tool
  • spinner – This command makes you spin. To disable, type nospinner
  • reach [num] – This gives you reach, mostly used for swords, say ;reachd for default and enter number after for custom. To disable, type noreach
  • cbring – Brings player infront of you, shows only on client, allows you to do damage to player. To disable, type uncbring
  • swap – Swaps player position with yours and your position with player’s
  • givetool – Gives the tool you have equipped to the player
  • glitch – Glitches you and the player. To disable, type unglitch
  • grespawn – Alternative to normal respawn and usually work best when you want to reset with FE Godmode
  • explorer – Loads up Dex
  • reset – Resets your character
  • anim [ID] – Applies an animation created on Roblox on you
  • animgui – Loads up energize animation Gui
  • savepos – Saves your current position
  • loadpos – Teleports you to your saved position

To see a full list of all the Reviz Admin commands, simply type cmds into the gui textbox

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DTroll988 June 18, 2023 - 7:27 am

;fly – ;freeze(plr) – ;killall – ;kick(plr) – ;ban(plr)

Pablo May 29, 2022 - 7:07 am

nice hack

mandy hesse March 31, 2022 - 4:43 pm

;fly me

keykeyinthehouse March 8, 2022 - 3:01 am

what is a tool i cant use half of the stuff

Zilla96i4 December 28, 2021 - 6:53 pm

Does work?

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This is really cool

Nur_Salwa123 September 25, 2021 - 3:59 pm

I want admin pls in roblox

HAWA_KHADIJAH15 September 25, 2021 - 8:28 am

: rainbow car : TNT :robo cat :yellow side

HAWA_KHADIJAH15 September 25, 2021 - 6:01 am

:fly :cmds : freeze all :jail all :freeze me :jail me :key :gun

John March 9, 2022 - 5:23 pm

If is not real, I unsub or if i can’t download


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