Rockefeller Street Roblox ID (2024)

Rockefeller Street Roblox ID galore. So if you are looking to add the music code to your game, then here’s the only working Rockefeller Street Roblox ID to utilize right now.

If you have never danced to or listened to Getter Jaani hip hop song Rockefeller Street, then you are probably not a true Tik Toker. The music is so good that I have left it on playback for close to two hours now and it’d probably sing all day long.

For one thing, Rockefeller Street is a song sang by Getter Jaani for Eurovision 2011 and in as much as it didn’t win the top spot in that contest, it later became a hit after a Nightcore version of the same song went viral thanks to a video in which two Chinese men where seen dancing to the track.

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Beats aside, the dance moves showcased where extremely entertaining and having turned into a meme, Rockefeller Street became popular, thereby spreading to apps like Tik Tok and even YouTube.

Now if you are looking to add this song to the Roblox game you are developing, then we have got a working code that’s worth utilizing. Hence without any further delay, here is the best Rockefeller Street Roblox ID to use right now.

Rockefeller Street Roblox ID

It’s hard to come by a working Rockefeller Street Roblox ID. Fortunately, having gone through the entire library on Roblox, we where able to find something that works and that too perfectly. So if you’re already itching to make that game livelier, then here’s the new Rockefeller Street Roblox ID to use right now.

Song NameID
Rockefeller Street2860310547

How to Play Music On Roblox

Roblox is sure generous. Not only does it offer its services for free but also allows users to listen to any music code provided they have the boombox item. Of course there are a couple of options available and the lowest Boombox can sell as low as R$250. Now assuming you’ve already got one available, simply follow the below guide to get Rockefeller Street playing;

  • To begin with, open up Roblox and enter your game world
  • From here, click on your boombox
  • Then type in the Rockefeller Street Roblox ID listed above and hit enter
  • Your music will then play out loud!

Wrapping Up

So this the new Rockefeller Street Roblox ID that works in 2021. Go ahead and input the code into your boombox and starting playing.

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