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Sex Note Cheat Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Sex Note Cheat Codes galore. So if you are looking to unlock gallery and more, then here’s all the SexNote Cheat Codes to utilize right now.

SexNote is an adult-themed dating sim inspired by the popular manga series Death Note. Its gameplay revolves around a young man who shys away from girls. One day, whilst sitting in the classroom, he saw a book fall from the sky and upon opening it, he realised it contains a lot of magical skills that can help alter his life and the way he interacts with people.

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For one thing, SexNote is a point and click game that’s narrative-driven. It features a plethora of characters to converse with and a huge environment to explore. That aside, there’s a mini-map that helps players navigate and a little demon that guides you on how to use the book.

Now assuming you are looking to simplify your gaming experience or to unlock all gallery, then here’s a list of all the active and/or currently working SexNote cheat codes to utilize right now.

SexNote Cheat Codes

For every version of SexNote released, a cheat code as well as gallery unlock code accompanies it. Below’s every single one of them.

v0.21.0d & v0.22.0a

Cheat Code – 4n1v3r

Gallery Code – h9r7z2


  • Cheat Code – m3w9f2
  • Gallery Code – n15g8p


  • Cheat Code – 3sn4m1


  • Cheat Code – b3ti8r
  • Gallery Code – m3ft4l


  • Cheat Code – 3sn4m1
  • Gallery Code – jyk192

v0. 19.5

  • Cheat Code – b1iv83
  • Gallery Code – xi9wp1

v0. 19. 0a

  • Cheat Code – b1iv83
  • Gallery Code – xi9wp1


  • Cheat Code – c9i41w
  • Gallery Code – e2oh3i


  • Cheat Code – e4ij2nv
  • Gallery Code – a2ew8a7


  • Cheat Code – g3j4i8
  • Gallery Code – d1n3o5


  • Cheat Code – e2k5mc
  • Gallery Code – 5w2ip3


  • Cheat Code – e8to3nx
  • Gallery Code – 9c1a3tj


  • Cheat Code – k7je82f
  • Gallery Code – 4utlvem


  • Cheat Code – bc1tc6
  • Gallery Code – ds31ij


  • Cheat Code – jul1bOq
  • Gallery Code – sIdj0p


  • Cheat Code – 3t7v5m1
  • Gallery Code – w7i2a1


  • Cheat Code – f9afecz
  • Gallery Code – y82iad


  • Cheat Code – yt8um4m
  • Gallery Code – c3fd9i0


  • Cheat Code – n4jm57q
  • Gallery Code – h8jc4pt


  • Cheat Code – 5mt9rtz
  • Gallery Code – cm3g21e


  • Cheat Code – cm3g21e
  • Gallery Code – qd1f6m


  • Cheat Code – 71d5ep
  • Gallery Code – qd1f6m


  • Cheat Code – l2sb8
  • Gallery Code – hd1w5l

How to Redeem SexNote Cheat Codes

The steps to redeem Sex Note Cheat Codes is pretty simple and straightforward. So assuming you have already downloaded the game, go ahead and fire it up.

On the main menu, click on the SexNote book icon at the top right hand side of the screen.


This will bring up a new window, simply click on the Cheat Code button at the bottom left.


A pop-up will appear. Now go ahead and copy, then paste any of the cheat codes listed above (according to the version of the game you’re running) and hit OK to redeem.


Wrapping Up

So this is arguably the best and only working cheat codes for SexNote. We’ll be releasing more codes as soon as they drop, so ensure to bookmark this page and visit often.


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