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Skidrow Password for Hogwarts Legacy and Other Games

by Henry Emmanuel

Skidrow passwords abound. So if you are looking to extract Hogwarts Legacy and other games, here are all the working Skidrow crack passwords to utilise right now.

Video games are quite expensive. Coughing up 60 USD to purchase the soft copy of Hogwarts Legacy isn’t something every gamer can afford, and in a quest to find a free version of the game, they are likely to stumble upon the so-called Skidrow websites that offer cracked versions of paid games for free.

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While a few of them are legit, most of the cracked video game files hosted by these sites are often passworded, and to extract them, users will need to go through the hassles of completing surveys and downloading a bunch of apps, games, and whatnot.

For someone who’s got lots of patience, this is no big deal. But the problem is, you’re likely to not get any password even when you manage to see to the end of these never-ending surveys. This is where Skidrow passwords come into play.

However, before we reveal all the Skidrow passwords there are, we will like to walk you through what Skidrow is and why most of the files are locked behind a password.

What is Skidrow?

Skidrow is a term often associated with the cracking and distribution of video games. It refers to a group or community that illegally cracks copy protection on games and releases them for free, allowing users to download and play the games without purchasing them.

These cracked or pirated video games are often encrypted with a password, and the request pops up while attempting to extract the files. To get these passwords, users will be asked to enrich the pockets of the site owners by completing mundane tasks.

If you have had enough of downloading random apps and games to obtain a working Skidrow password, read on as we unravel the passwords of some of the popular cracked games downloaded from Skidrow websites.

Skidrow Password


Circumventing copy protection and distributing copyrighted content for free is illegal, but if you have already downloaded games like Hogwarts Legacy from any of the many Skidrow websites online only to find out it’s passworded, then here’s the Skidrow password of some of the popular cracked video games out there.

Hogwarts Legacy

  • The Skidrow Hogwarts Legacy password is: hogwartslegacy+skidrow.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • The 2020-released Microsoft Flight Simulator password is: 85wu3JDbty>?2>P

The key is:   


CPY Games Password

Assuming you have downloaded a video game from any of the unofficial torrents or CPY Skidrow websites online, simply try any of the following CPY game passwords once prompted during extraction.

  • 85wu3J~Dbty2P   
  • 85wu3J~Dbty>?2>P   
  • 123   
  • 5zH%<t2k4k&gQZ’4   
  • vX\^~qf\r~8TB3%X6   

Note: If you download some video games such as The Last of Us or Spiderman, you can try this password: thelastofus+skidrow and spiderman+skidrow, respectively.

Special Note:

If you have read up to this section, chances are the Skidrow crack password listed above isn’t working. If that’s the case, we recommend patronising FitGirl Repack and Skidrow Reloaded while in search of a pirated or cracked game.


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