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Slutcraft Bonus Code (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

SlutCraft Bonus Code is the gateway to accessing the game’s special scenes/events, including the cheats menu. So without further delay, here’s a list of all the currently active SlutCraft Bonus Code to redeem right now.

It is pretty difficult to come across a game attempting to parody Starcraft, hence when I stumbled upon SlutCraft, I couldn’t help but fancy its aesthetic art. For folks uninformed, SlutCraft is a visual novel that puts players in control of a space marine named Sarah Kerrigan.

Said to be a loyal member of the Sons of Korlach under the command of a master who held an embittered grudge for the death of his father, Sarah’s fate led her to a terrible betrayal by her comrades on Mengsk’s orders. Now alone, she is left to fight a swarm of zerg on her own.

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In SlutCraft, players will need to guide Sarah through various obstacles and help her make moral choices as she uncovers secret events in a journey to become the Queen of Blades.

In addition to offering alternate endings, SlutCraft features a plethora of special scenes that can be viewed using a bonus code. So without further delay, here’s the only working SlutCraft bonus code to utilise right now.

Slutcraft Bonus Code

In SlutCraft, Bonus Code allows users to view exclusive scenes reserved for patreons only. These includes Easter eggs, completely new abs future events and what not. The bonus code also give users access to the game’s cheat menu. Now without beating around the bush, here’s one active SlutCraft Bonus Code to claim right this moment.

Slutcraft Bonus Code is: 6844776

Please keep in mind that the SlutCraft Bonus Code listed above never expires. So don’t be rushed, because you can easily redeem it whenever you want.

How to Enter Bonus Code in SlutCraft

The steps to input bonus code in SlutCraft is pretty simple and straightforward. So to get this one going, fire up the game and click on Preference from the main menu.

On the next page, you’ll find the Bonus Code option. Simply click on the green button that says Activate and copy and paste the bonus code listed above into the provided box.

Hit enter once you are done and the cheats menu will instantly become accessible. To unlock special scenes, simply navigate to the Gallery section from the main menu and click the Unlock All button. That’s all.


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