Speed City Codes 2024: Get Free Trails and More

Looking to get free trails to help you grow faster in Speed City? Then here’s a list of Roblox Speed City Codes to redeem right now.

When you fire up Roblox for the first time, you’d be overwhelmed by the list of games available on the platform. They’re literally massive and also free to play. One such game you’d find on Roblox popular games section is Speed City, a game that is quite “similar” to Legends of Speed.

With over 174 million visits and up to 3,000+ concurrent players, Speed City albeit simple is undoubtedly popular. The game’s main goal is pretty straightforward as all you’re meant to do is to race your character through the tracks whilst collecting balls and rings – all in a bit to gain speed.

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But assuming you’re looking to grow faster, then you’ll need trails and this sure it isn’t easy to come by. This is where Speed City Codes comes in to play. So if you are looking to get free trails that helps you grow fast, then here’s a list of codes for speed city.

Speed City Codes

Roblox Speed City Codes galore and the most interesting thing is that they don’t expire. So if you’ve already fired up the game, then here is a list of all the currently active Speed City Codes.

  • spooky – Gives you a Ghost trail
  • Sand – Gives you a Beach Crate trail
  • Lightning – Gives you a Asyzeul trail
  • Galaxy – Gives you a Purple trail
  • ZigZag – Gives you an Oli Zigzag trail
  • 3000speed – Gives you a Money trail
  • 3hours – Gives you a Gear trail
  • SimulatorGame – Gives you a Simulator Game trail
  • TofuuTurtle – Gives you a Mini Me trail
  • Testing – Gives you a Testing trail
  • MapHelp – Gives you a f4ncyprio trail
  • OldGame – Gives you a Speed Simulator trail
  • EliteCity – Gives you a House trail
  • TofuuHair – Gives you a Rainbow Shaggy trail
  • MapHelp2 – Gives you a 0RKH trail
  • Portal – Gives you a Bubble Trouble trail

So these are the best speed city codes worth redeeming right now.

How to Redeem Codes in Speed City

Unlike most Roblox games out there, the steps to redeem codes in Speed City is a bit tricky, but we’re here to help. So if you haven’t figured it out already, then here’s how to redeem the aforementioned Speed City Codes.

To begin with, open up the game and go to the City area. In there, you’ll see a yellow building located somewhere near the fountain. Simply head towards it and find the circle sticking out of the building.

Once found, walk inside that circle and a window will pop-up. Go ahead and type in any of the above listed speed city codes into the blank box and hit the redeem button to get your reward.

Important Note: If you can’t find the circke sticking out of the yellow building, look for where it says New! and redeem your codes there.

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