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Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Crack (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Jedi Survivor crack is out, thanks to Anadius Origin Emulator. So if you do not want to pay a dime or wait for Empress to release her cracked version of the game, here’s the only working Star Wars: Jedi Survivor crack to download right now.

Released as a sequel to Star Wars: Fallen Order, Jedi Survivor is a narrative-driven action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Cal Kestis, a young Jedi Knight on a mission to evade the Empire’s Inquisitors while trying to restore the Jedi Order.

Unlike its predecessor, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor features new gameplay mechanics such as lightsaber stance, precise evade, and a variety of creatures that can be used to traverse the game’s open world.

Following Jedi Survivor’s popularity and, of course, its use of Denuvo anti-cheat technology, many gamers looking to play the game without a valid licence or purchase have taken to various video game hacking communities in search of a Jedi Survivor crack by Empress.

For gamers unaware, Empress is a notorious video game cracker who specialises in removing digital rights management (DRM) mechanisms in Denuvo-protected games. She’s known for cracking Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Anno 1800, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, and many more.

Despite her extensive exploit, Empress has yet to release a Jedi Survivor crack, and there’s currently no news on whether she’ll end up cracking it or not. However, do not be disappointed, for you can still play Jedi Survivor crack thanks to Anadius’ Origin Emulator.

What is Anadius Origin Emulator?

Anadius’ Origin Emulator is an unofficial software designed to help users play Origin or EA games without the Origin launcher or EA app. With the Anadius Origin Emulator, users can even play Denuvo-protected games, provided they have a valid token.

How It Works

Anadius Origin Emulator functionality is quite tricky. What it does is modify an original game exe when started once, and it’ll return a Denuvo ticket with many characters that must be sent to the Anadius bot in order to get a valid Denuvo token that will allow users to play the game without purchase.

Despite being legit, the Denuvo token generated by the Anadius bot can only serve as long as you freeze the game updates as well as your operating system updates and drivers. Now, without further delay, here’s the only available Star Wars: Jedi Survivor crack to download right now.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Crack

The steps to download Jedi Survivor crack are pretty easy and straightforward. Now if you are looking to play the game without purchasing it, here’s the only Star Wars: Jedi Survivor crack you’ll ever need.

  • To begin with, download Jedi Survivor v1.0.0.8 full game clean files using any of the URL below.
  • Next up, download Jedi Survivor “not a crack” file from here.
  • Now create a new folder named Games or Star Wars on your desktop, then open the Jedi Survivor v1.0.0.8 full game file.zip using WinRAR or 7-Zip. From here, select all the files in that zip and extract them in the newly created Games or Star Wars folder.
  • Next up, open the Star Wars: Jedi Survivor not a crack.7z file using WinRAR or 7-Zip, then select all the files in there, and extract them once again in the newly created Games or Star Wars folder as mentioned above.
  • Now double-click JediSurvivor unwrapped fixed.exe to start the game, and you’ll get a message box with a Denuvo ticket. Simply press Ctrl+C to copy the ticket, and then click Ok.
  • Now send that ticket to the Anadius bot or to someone who has purchased the digital copy of the game from the EA store and has volunteered to provide tokens (you can find them on Reddit).
  • They will send you a Denuvo token. Simply locate and open “anadius.cfg” from the newly created Games or Star Wars folder and replace “PASTE_A_VALID_DENUVO_TOKEN_HERE” with the Denuvo token you just received.
  • That’s that. You can now run Jedi Survivor crack by double-clicking on JediSurvivor unwrapped fixed.exe, and this time, it should work fine.

Wrapping Up

So this is basically the only Jedi Survivor crack available right now. To get notified when Empress will release a cracked version of Jedi Survivor, we recommend you bookmark this page, patronise often, and also subscribe to our newsletter.

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Link to “not a crack” not working! Please update!

red September 27, 2023 - 10:17 am

Please, can you give a new link to download the game?

Henry Emmanuel September 27, 2023 - 10:35 am

Link updated


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