Strucid Codes for Free Coins and More (2024)

Beckon a hardcore gamer and ask him which is the best Battle Royale game out there on the internet and he do tell you it is Fortnite. Now “whistle” a Roblox diehard to come closer and ask him which game is similar to the aforementioned and he’d tell you it’s Strucid.

Sincerely speaking, Fornite is one of the most popular battle royale games of all time. So when you make a game that comes around evoking it, there’s bound to be massive audience right? Well Frosted Studio “thought” about that and decided to make a ditto and it worked.

For the uninitiated, Strucid is one of the trending games on Roblox right now. It’s a third person shooter that takes place on present-day Earth but this time, there are no inhabitants except you and 99 other players. The game’s main goal is simple, gather resources while fighting various enemies – all in a bit to become the last man standing.

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Similar to Fortnite, combat isn’t the only thing you can do in Strucid. The game allows you to build things that are essential for survival and there are no mechs. Now if you are looking to join the 40 million people playing Strucid on Roblox and probably want to skip the hassles of scavenging daily items and coins, then here are a list of new Strucid codes that still works.

Roblox Strucid Codes

There are a sheer amount of codes for Strucid and most of them has already expired. However, we aren’t here to list the promo codes that are no longer active. Now without further ado, here are the new Strucid codes that can give you thousands of coins needed to buy items from the store.

christmas – Gives you 5,000 coins

joehe – Gives you 2,000 coins

Fire – Gives you 5,000 coins

AD – Gives you 5,000 coins

one year – Gives you 5,000 coins

sup – Gives you 2,000 coins

Glider – Gives you 5,000 coins

100m – Gives you the 100M Pickaxe


So these are literally the list of active strucid codes that works in 2021 and 2022. Do note that they are only available for one time use.

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