Three Leading Mobile Gaming Controllers on the Market

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Boasting more power than ever before, so many of us tuck into a variety of gaming releases on the smartphone devices of today. Combined with reading the latest news, conversing with loved ones on WhatsApp, and downloading a variety of must-have apps that can enhance our daily lives, people dip in and out of some impressive gaming products.

Alongside the new and improved apps that can be hosted on phones, people snap up in 2024 is a portable gaming opportunity that suits so many people. Unlike PC or console gaming, an option that requires far more dedication, mobile gaming is a more casual offering that can be explored on the move. Whether you’re looking to play blackjack online, explore a variety of testing puzzle releases, or smash through a Marvel-themed favorite, gaming on a smartphone by the likes of Apple and Samsung is better than it ever has been before. Some releases require a gaming controller, though.

Assisting a player massively, given the limited aspect of touchscreen controls, gaming controllers will hugely improve your mobile gaming binges and allow you to enjoy a thriving gaming proposition in the best way possible. With that in mind, let’s assess three of the leading mobile gaming controllers on the market right now.

The GameSir X2 Pro is hard to fault

Particularly popular with users who own large Android phones, the GameSir X2 Pro is a neat and tidy controller that will meet your needs. Offering a compact design that is easy to grip and not too heavy to hold, it’s a preference for so many diehard mobile gamers, given the plethora of features it has. Not only does the GameSir X2 Pro stretch, given its sliding design, but the textured sections make it comfortable; it has superb twin joysticks, a fantastic selection of buttons, and a D-pad that is smooth enough to handle any gaming marathons you’re considering embarking on. Additionally, this faultless controller is fitted with a USB-C connector and shoulder buttons, and it’s even compatible with other gaming services, such as Xbox.

The 8BitDo Pro 2 won’t let you down

A go-to choice for many dedicated mobile gamers within the community, the 8BitDo Pro 2 is easily one of the best options around right now. Not only will its charming retro design win you over, but this gorgeous-looking controller also has excellent buttons to tap, double shoulder triggers with programmable buttons, and sensitive analog sticks while it also boasts a rechargeable battery inside that can last for around 20 hours time. A controller that can also be used on other gaming platforms, such as a Nintendo Switch, this versatile option isn’t too pricey, but it delivers in pretty much all areas.

The Backbone One is a gorgeous sliding controller

Suitable for both iOS and Android devices, the Backbone One is a strong contender here. Not only does it look the part, but this sliding controller has lovely buttons and bumpers to make the most of; it offers super-fast response times, and it has a built-in headphone jack if you’re keen to immerse yourself even further in a specific release. Also offering broad support, including options like PS Remote Play and Xbox Remote Play, the Backbone One has a fantastic app to accompany it, with the app coming with some additional features you can activate, coupled with the ability to find games that are compatible with it, and even the opportunity to watch in-game highlights. Overall, when assessing some of the top controllers in this particular space, the Backbone One offers more features than many of the other favored products on the market.

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