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Tower of Fantasy Nude Mod: Is There Any?

by Henry Emmanuel
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Tower of Fantasy Nude mod request is on the rise. Today we will walk you through what it is and also go further to unravel if something is in the works.

If it exists, there is porn of it and that is that. Many video game developers often warn modders to be good and moral and not modify their work by creating nude versions of characters, but as a gamer who cares less about the plot of a video game, one way to entertain yourself is by sideloading mods capable of undressing characters in-game.

For one thing, we have seen a plethora of video games nude mods, with some being released the same day a game is launched, hence the logical notion is – if Genshin Impact nude mods exist, there should be one for Tower of Fantasy too. For folks unaware, Tower of Fantasy is a shared open world MMORPG that takes place on a futuristic planet called Aida.

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Its gameplay begins with players creating their own custom characters with which they can use to explore Aida whilst fighting various monsters and working through story and side quests that can earn them in-game currency which can be used to unlock weapons as well as new character skins.

In addition to its anime-styled graphics, Tower of Fantasy features a plethora of traversal vehicles, but its character creation is definitely one of the strong points of the game as it let’s users build nice-looking avatars with ease. Now assuming you are looking to get rid of those character clothings, here is the best Tower of Fantasy nude mods to utilize right now.

Tower of Fantasy Nude Mods: Are There Any?


When you delve into Tower of Fantasy character customizer, you will realize it is quite extensive. Creating a nude mod for the game won’t be entirely impossible since the whole process involves modifying files and injecting textures. However, as of now, there aren’t any Tower of Fantasy nude mod, but we are sure something is cooking.

One platform we recommend keeping tab on in case something pops up is Loverslab, an adult gaming community known to be amongst the first to release Genshin Impact nude mods. For now, we do not know if Tower of Fantasy nude mod is in creation, but we are optimistic to see one in the nearest future.

Rest assured, we will update this article once something comes up. So in summary, Tower of Fantasy nude mods does not exist yet.


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