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Room Girl Cheat (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Room Girl cheat abound. So if you are looking to refill stamina, money, room points, and more, here’s the best Room Girl cheat to use right now.

Room Girl is a sim-style 3D life simulation game that aims to simulate a relationship between people in a virtual environment such as an office, a concert backstage, or even a private room.

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The game’s sole purpose is to make players enjoy the interaction between characters and probably get laid as a side dish. Unlike Honey Select 2 and other illusion games, Room Girl features the most mature character creation system, and its graphics and modernised UI are something to like.

Despite its move to allure casual players, Room Girl features a tonne of grinding elements that are both repetitive, boring, and annoying. Now, assuming you’re looking to simplify your gaming experience, here is one good Room Girl cheat you should be making use of right now.

Room Girl Cheat

From allowing you to edit or modify various attributes such as stamina, money, room points, and hobby to any amount, the best of the best Room Girl cheat can even help you max out expertise, experience, appeal, etc. Now, without further ado, here’s how to install the Room Girl cheat.

To begin with, head over to this page on Github and download the latest version of Room Girl Cheat by SpockBauru.

Now extract the zip using WinRAR or 7-Zip and copy the file BepInEx to your game folder (i.e., where RoomGirl.exe is) and overwrite if asked.

With that done, open Room Girl and access the cheat menu by clicking on the status icon on-screen.


From here, you can refill your stamina, money, room points, and other attributes within the advanced mode.


Once you are done, simply click on the apply button to activate the cheat, and you’ll be good to go.

Wrapping Up

Unlike the Room Girl cheat we recommended in our previous article, which involves installing cheat engine and executing a cheat table, the Room Girl cheat above is literally more reliable and can be regarded as not only a simple cheater for Room Girl but also the best trainer made solely for the game.


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