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My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Mods: Where to Find Them

by Henry Emmanuel
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My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend mods are user-created alterations that helps to enhance or change the look and feel of the base game. So if you are looking to add additional content or to improve the game’s graphics, here’s where to find My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend mods.

My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend is a very popular indie game that boasts a large community of players. While a majority of them are solely dedicated to seeing the game through its alternate endings, there are some who have opted to extend its lifespan and replayability by creating mods capable of adding additional content and overhauling the original game.

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For folks uninformed, My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend mods are literally user-created modifications aimed to enhance the vanilla game. These mods ranges from small changes to extensive overhauls, allowing players to modify various aspects of the game such as graphics, gameplay mechanics, user interface, character models, levels, and more.

Now assuming you are looking to tailor your gaming experience, fix bugs or balance issues, and even explore new content created by the community, read on as we unravel where to find My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend mods as well as how to install them easily.

My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Mods – Where to Find Them

Surviving in a dystopian world with a highly advanced and customisable sexbot found in a ditch is one thing, and modifying the look and feel of your room and various aspects of the game is another. So assuming you’re looking to take a break from earning money by streaming, here’s one good place to find My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend mods.

Incontinent Cell Hideout

Said to be the official server of My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend, Incontinent Cell Hideout is basically a discord server that covers all things related to the game. From game story discussion to game suggestions, bug reports and what not, the server houses every essential information related to My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend.

To visit Incontinent Cell Hideout server on Discord, click on the link below.


When you jump into the server, you’d find a ton of members to interact with, but the interesting stuff lies under the Mods section which when clicked reveals a drop-menu with the following;

  • how-to-install-mods
  • mod-development
  • mod-releases

The “mod-releases” channel is where you would want to delve into first, as it contains a colossal number of newly released and developer approved mods downloadable in .zip format.


Once you have gone through the curated mods and have downloaded the ones you prefer, you can then jump into the “how-to-install-mods” section. From here, follow the written instructions to sideload the mod into your game.

The “mod-development” channel is pretty self-explanatory as it’s designed for users to discuss the development of mods.

Wrapping Up

So this is basically where to find My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend mods. If you have any questions or suggestions to make, do ensure to use the comment box below.


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