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WWE 2K22 Cheat Engine Table to Unlock Everything

by Henry Emmanuel

WWE 2K22 Cheat Engine Table galore. So if you’re looking to unlock everything or to get infinite health, then here’s the best WWE 2K22 Cheat Engine Table to utilize right now.

Following the poor reception to WWE 2K20, Take-Two Interactive took an extra year to ensure problems were fixed in 2k22 while maintaining the fun aspect of the series.

2k22 is without doubt the most realistic wrestling game ever. It features the best wrestling circuit in the United States, both all-time classics and modern-day superstars.

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Each wrestler is accurately portrayed, in the sense that all of their well-known grips and moves are recorded, as well as their real-life voices and songs used for presentation.

Compared to its predecessors, WWE 2K22 features characters with realistic body types. The graphics looks gorgeous as always, and it brings redesigned gameplay engine, new controls and a plethora of game modes.

Now assuming you are looking to emerge the ultimate champion with zero damage and more, then here is the best WWE 2K22 Cheat Engine Table with everything unlocked.

WWE 2k22 Cheat Engine Table

For one thing, there are a plethora of WWE 2K22 Cheat Engine Table out there on the web. However, having used most of them, we figured there’s only one worth sharing. Below’s all the features it offers;

  • Infinite Health – Your character health won’t go down, and will always stay at the maximum value.
  • Lower Enemy Health – The enemy health will go down to the bare minimum.
  • No Player Stun – The Player won’t get stunned anymore.
  • Infinite Enemy Stun Duration – Enemy stuns will last forever
  • No Player Body Damage – The Player body won’t get damaged.
  • Destroy Enemy Body with 1 Hit – All parts of the Enemy body will get massive damage when hit once. Making them be instantly red.
  • Freeze Attribute Points – Freeze “myRise” attribute points, so you can max out everything instantly.
  • Infinite Stamina – Stamina won’t decrease when running or doing anything that would decrease it.
  • Insta-Charge Finisher – The finisher will instantly charge with a single hit, and stay maxed out.
  • Insta-Charge Special – The Special Move will instantly charge with a single hit, and stay maxed out.
  • Insta Break Submissions – All submissions will instantly break without the need of doing anything
  • No Timer Outside the Ring – There won’t be any timer outside the ring, so you can roam around or do whatever outside.
  • All Characters Available – All characters from the game will be available to play with. Even random ones that aren’t accessible normally.
  • Allow any Character Combination – You will be able to combine any character in matches. Do you want to play males vs females? Or just do a match with 8 Alexa Bliss? You can with this.
  • Increase CC Changes – The Character Creation sliders will have more pronounced changes, so if for example you’re changing the nose size, at 100 it will look much bigger/smaller than without the script. If you disable the script, back out from the current category your in, and get back in to set the default values.

Now assuming you’re already itching to unlock everything in-game, then here’s how to install WWE 2K22 Cheat Engine Table

Installation Guide

To begin with, download and install the latest version of Cheat Engine from here.

Next up, download WWE 2K22 Cheat Engine Table from here.

Now go ahead and launch the game, then double-click to open the WWE2K22_x64.CT file downloaded earlier.

With Cheat Engine fired up, click on the PC icon at the top and select WWE 2K22 from the Process List.

That is it. You can now activate the table’s options by checking boxes and setting values from 0 to 1.

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Annonymous March 12, 2023 - 4:36 am

I tried to use this table but I could not check the boxes and I am unsure of how to change the values. My sole purpose for using this is to allow all character combos.


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