5 Best Random Pokemon Generator

Random Pokemon generator abound. So if you are looking to choose the best team or see Pikachu and more in high quality image, then here’s the best and most reliable random Pokemon generator worth using.

Pokémon and/or Pocket Monster has really evolved to become a very popular phenomenon. They are widely ubiquitous and even if you haven’t watched the anime, chances are you have played the games, seen most of the movies, trading cards and maybe the Taiwan maniac who “rigged” his bike with 11 smartphones just to play the Pokemon Go game.

Crazy right? Well you haven’t seen nothing yet. Ever since its debut in 1996, the Pokemon have sold millions of copies worldwide and are now an instant sensation all over the internet. Now you may be asking yourself what the hell is Pokemon and how many are they.

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For folks completely unaware, Pokemon are “digital” creatures or animals that live in the wild or alongside humans. They come in different shapes and sizes with special powers and can be commanded by their trainers. As the owner, you can take them on exciting adventures and watch them grow more stronger.

For the record, there are over 700 creatures that dwell in the Pokemon universe and they are of different types. From Fire to Physic, then there’s Fairy, Ghost and more. Now if you are ready to catch ’em all, then here are the best random Pokemon generator that are reliable to use.

1. Random Pokemon

We begin with Random Pokemon, one of the most “genuine” and completely “ad-free” pokemon generator worth using. Featuring a simple user interface, Random Pokemon prides itself as one of the best tools that can be used to generate random pokemon by region, type and more.

Directly from the homepage, you can easily select the number of pokemon you want to generate followed by region. Once this is done, choose the Pokemon type and check the Sprites, NFEs and Ubers boxes if you desire then click the Generate button and you’d see those beautiful creatures animating before you.

Visit Random Pokemon

2. Pick Random

Next up, we have Pick Random. It is a very “feature-rich” website that offers 809 Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7 and they can be easily generated without limitations. To use the site, start by entering values in the box that says Number of Pokemon.

From here, select your desired Pokedex region as well as type, then toggle on the two boxes that says Legendary and NFE Pokemon. Once this is done, click Generate. Pick Random is in general an awesome tool and I personally fancy the Save Results feature it offers.

Visit Pick Random

3. PTGigi

PTGigi unlike the aforementioned is an advanced random pokemon generator that’s easy-to-use. Its user interface is free of malware and/or annoying pop-up and it’s simplistic. Utilizing the site is as easy as ABC as the whole process involves choosing the number of Pokemon to generate followed by region and type.

But wait, there are a slew of features that makes PTGigi unique and they are easily visible within the settings section. So assuming you have chosen to Show settings options within the site, you’d be able to choose the Pokemon gender ratio, body shape, color, egg group and more prior to generating them.

Visit PTGigi

4. Generator Mix

If you are looking to glimpse through a bunch of random Pokemon, then you are better off using Generator Mix. It’s a tool that came to be after the developer saw t. Today, it has evolved to become very popular.

Visit Generator Mix

5. Pyrotoz

The last but not the least is Pyrotoz. It is hands-down the most reliable and accurate random pokemon generator that brings an “intuitive” design. The dark theme itself looks alluring and it offers tons of informations. To make it clear, Pyrotoz is basically a random Pokemon team generator that allows players to generate pokemon based on region, type and Smogon tier.

But aside from this, it also present the strengths and weakness of each generated pokemon and also allow them to be imported from or exported to Pokemon showdown. All in all, Pyrotoz is a very handy tool worth utilizing.

Visit Pyrotoz

Wrapping Up

Assuming you are looking to choose the best team to embark on various adventures with, then these random Pokemon generators will help. They are truly the best, reliable and most importantly, accurate. So what are you waiting for? Go catch ’em all!

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