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BattleTech Cheats for PC (2024)

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BattleTech Cheats galore. So if you’re looking to get unlimited money, health, stability and more, then here’s the best BattleTech cheats for PC.

BattleTech’s got an interesting plot. Its single player campaign and/or story mode mercilessly throws you into a feudal political intrigue in the fictional world of Inner Sphere and the goal is to restore High Lady Kamea Arano to her throne.

As a turn-based strategy game with a touch of real-time movement between missions, its gameplay begins with you commanding a lance of mechs in a series of intense tactical battles.

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Albeit slow-paced, its main stars are the mechs and the ability to customize them. But in as much as it is an outstanding and nostalgic war game sporting solid mechanics, we still won’t deny the fact that the combat is tough.

Now if you are looking to ease the stress of grinding in favour of a more gratifying gameplay, then we have got the perfect BattleTech cheats for infinite money which can be used to purchase weapons, armour, etc.

BattleTech Cheats for Unlimited Money

It is pretty hard to come across a working BattleTech money cheat. While most players often edit the cost of a cheap item, then sell it and edit the cost back down, the steps involved can be said to be pretty cumbersome.

Fortunately, we found a painless method to get Infinite money in BattleTech. So if you are already itching to get a plethora of C-Bills and/or Funds, then here’s the best BattleTech cheat for money.

Download Cheat Engine

If you have ever stumbled across seemingly impossible odds whilst playing a video game, then you’re sure to have come across Cheat Engine. It is simply a tool that searches values within a running game’s code and allows you to modify things such as HP, ammo, gold, coins, etc, to your preference.

Now in other to get unlimited money in BattleTech, we will need the services of the aforementioned tool. So to get this one going, simply download Cheat Engine from here and install it on your PC.

Getting Unlimited Money

Once this is done, go ahead and fire up BattleTech alongside Cheat Engine. Now on BattleTech, simply click on Career >> New >> Start Game. Wait till it loads and you should arrive at the main menu.

Now on Cheat Engine, click on the “computer-shaped” icon located at the top-left corner and then select BattleTech from the Process List.


Next up, click on Exact Value just beside Scan Type and select Unknown Initial Value from the drop-down options.


Once done, click on the First Scan button and wait until it’s done doing its thing.

Now on BattleTech, simply head over to the Store and purchase just about anything you want or you can hire a mechwarrior.


Once done, input the current value of funds you have left into the empty Value box on Cheat Engine just beside the Hex text.


Click on Next Scan when you’re done and wait for it to bring up a sheer amount of data just under the address box.


Select all the data once shown and click on the Red arrow beneath the box.

Now you should see those data duplicated in the box beneath Memory Value. Once again, select all of them and hit the Enter key.


The Change Value window will pop-up, go ahead and type in the amount of money you way and click OK.


Now go back to BattleTech and once again, make a purchase from the game’s store or hire someone and your funds will be updated to the value you modified earlier.


That’s it. You can do the same thing over and over again to get Infinite money which you can use to buy loadouts for your next battle.

BattleTech Cheat for Unlimited Health, Stability, etc

BattleTech is one hell of a hard game and while the above cheat literally guarantee unlimited money, it still won’t help the fact that you are going to get killed during intense battle.

This is where WeMod Trainer comes in to play. It generously offers 4 cheat options for BattleTech and they are namely; Unlimited Money, Stability, Health and No Overheat.


So if you are already looking to lay hands on these hacks, simply go ahead and download WeMod trainer from here.

Once installed, fire it up and head over to the Games section. From here, look for BattleTech and select it.

Hit the Play button and start a mission. Now head back to WeMod Trainer and toggle on the cheats you wish to use and you’ll be good to go.


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