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Fallout Shelter Cheats for PC, iOS and Android

by Henry Emmanuel

Think of Fallout Shelter as a cooler version of Two Point Hospital and The Sim. It’s a very interesting game per se and offers a very simple and attractive story. Its gameplay is set in the “Fallout universe” where players are tasked with building their own underground vault and taking the role of supervisor.

Aside from building all sorts of rooms such as gun stores, coffee shops, Nuka Cola factory and laboratories, keeping your residents happy is the main goal of the game and to do this, you’ll need to ensure a steady supply of electricity food and water.

One of the entertaining part of Fallout Shelter is that you can ‘accommodate’ lots of dwellers and assign “rooms” to them according to their abilities. You can even give them weapons and send them to explore the wasteland.

Sincerely speaking, Fallout Shelter is addictive. It’s one of the best strategy and management game we’ve played so far and it offers gorgeous graphics. Now if you’re looking to max out your stats or to get free Lunchbox, StimPak, Health and more, then here are the best Fallout Shelter Cheats for PC, Android and iOS.

1. Using WeMod Fallout Shelter Trainer


Assuming you are looking for a reliable Fallout Shelter Cheat for PC, then you should try WeMod. It’s a free to use software that claims to offer the largest collection of single-player PC games to mod. From Red Dead Redemption to Borderlands 3 and then there’s Raft, Assassin Creed Odyssey and more.

WeMod works by auto detecting the games installed on your PC and displaying the cheats that works with it – provided there’s one. For Fallout Shelter, WeMod offers over 17 cheats which includes unlimited RadAway, Super Speed and more. Now here’s how to use it.

To begin with, simply head over to WeMod official website and download the application. Now fire it up and go to “Games”. From there, find and select Fallout Shelter.

Now instead of installing the cheats visible to you, simply click on the “Play” button at the top right corner to start the game. Now alt tab during gameplay and head back to WeMod. Enable the cheats you need and you should see them working once you access Fallout Shelter.

2. Using Rakion99 Fallout Shelter Save Editor


It is quite difficult to progress in Fallout Shelter especially when you don’t have enough resources. But do not frit for there’s a web app that can edit your Fallout Shelter save games thus allowing you to heal and max out your dwellers stats and even modify the number of Lunchboxes, Starter Pack and more.

It is a very handy tool that is quite easy-to-use and works well too. So if you are already itching to try it out, simply navigate to Rakion99 Fallout Shelter Save Editor website and upload your save file. Then change various stuffs to your liking and even unlock all rooms if you wish. Once done, save and download the file and replace it with the original one.

3. Using Pimp My Vault and FSSE


Rakion99 Fallout Shelter Save Editor is probably the most reliable and perhaps the best Fallout Shelter Cheat for iOS, but if you are looking for something that works well on Android phones, then you should checkout Pimp My Vault and the Fallout Shelter Save Editor app (FSSE).

Both apps where developed with one goal and that’s to modify the resource values of your Fallout Shelter Vault. They are extremely lightweight, free from malware and offers a slew of options to modify. You can checkout how to use Pimp My Vault and FSSE from here and do endeavour to backup your Fallout Shelter Save file before modification.

Wrapping Up

So these are undoubtedly the best Fallout Shelter Cheats you can use right now. They real and works pretty fine even on PC, iOS and Android. Overall, enjoy your Fallout Shelter gameplay.


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