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Blooket Bot Flooder (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Blooket bot flooder abound. So if you are looking for how to flood blooket with bots, here’s the best Blooket bot flooder to make use of.

Thanks to hackers, automation has become a prevalent and essential aspect of Blooket. Students looking to simplify their experiences on the platform often seek out Blooket bot flooder to do so, and as a new user, you may be wondering what Blooket bot flooder is.

What is the Blooket Bot Flooder?

For those unaware, Blooket Bot Flooder is simply an automated script designed to help users spam bots capable of disrupting on-going Blooket sessions.

Students who seek the services of a Blooket bot flooder do so in order to deploy multiple automated bots to execute repetitive actions rapidly.

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These actions include answering complex questions automatically, spamming, disrupting, and even overwhelming a Blooket session, thereby causing inconvenience or chaos for others.

Now, assuming you are wondering how to flood Blooket with bots, here’s the best Blooket bot flooder to utilise right now.

How to Flood Blooket With Bots

For this guide, we will be using the Blooket Bot Flooder, made by Minesraft2 and now maintained by 05Konz.

  • So to get this one going, head over to this page on Github and copy all the script in the box to your clipboard.
  • Next up, jump into play.blooket.com and join a game by entering the Game ID shared by the host followed by a Nickname.
  • Once you arrive in the game lobby, access the developer tools panel by right-clicking on the web page and selecting Inspect from the list of options that will appear.
  • On the Inspect Element window, click on the Console tab at the top, and then paste the Blooket bot flooder script from your clipboard into the provided box and hit Enter.
  • This will automatically unveil the Blooket Bot Flooder gui.
  • Now under the Flood Game section, input your Game ID, Nickname, and number of bots to flood.
  • That’s it. The Blooket Bot Flooder will automatically do its job by flooding the specified amount of bots to the on-going Blooket session.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is an online educational platform that offers interactive games and quizzes for students and teachers. It is designed to make learning fun and engaging by incorporating game elements into educational content.

The platform works by allowing teachers (or anyone) to create their own games or use pre-made ones to help reinforce classroom concepts in subjects like math, science, history, and more.

Students can participate in these games using a unique game ID to review and practice their knowledge while earning points and other rewards for each correct answer.


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