5 Cheap Gaming Chairs You Should Buy

Handheld consoles are passé. Gone are those days when the GameBoy Advance and PlayStation Portable games can literally be played anywhere. Be it on the couch, bed and even while standing. But you’d know this things can hurt your neck as well as your back. We’ve certainly moved past those era, and we’re now in a new age where gaming is done on PC and on consoles such as the PS4.

For someone who is passionate about games, chances are you are remodelling your regular room into a video game room. There are of course prerequisites to follow before you can attain perfection and some of them includes buying the best gaming mouse, keyboards etc. Then comes the gaming chairs, an equipment built for optimal comfort during marathon gaming sessions.

Gaming chairs obviously differs from your traditional office chair. They have rooms for head and neck support and often sports multiple colors and racing stripes. Aside from this, gaming chairs are known to be ergonomic and their adjustability abilities can be said to be second to none.

Now as a passionate gamer who spend countless hours on competitive and first person shooter games, it is advisable to invest in an ergnomic chair that can protect your body from back pain, stiff joint and neck. So having that in mind, we decided to list out the best gaming chairs with unbeatable features and they are suitable for all body types.

1. DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD01/NR Gaming Chair

If you have been to one of this big eSports campaigns, then chances are you’ve already come across this one. The DXRacer Formula series chair with the model number OH/FD01/NR is undoubtedly my most favourite gaming chair till date. Don’t judge me; I’m naturally a 5’8″ and 200lbs guy, so it is no surprise that I find it quite standard.

Featuring the latest footrest and ergonomic design, the DXRacer gaming chair comes with higher backrest that supports the entirety of your spinal column. It is also designed with strong mesh and offers a cool nylon base with gas spring. Then comes the adjustable armrest that are really soft with the lumbar and neck pillow which makes it perfect. The OH/FD01/NR DXRacer Formula Series gaming chair looks quite sturdy and it comes with water resistant material.

2. Merax High Back Gaming Chair

An initial look at merax’s high back gaming chair will immediately relay to you that it’s made of superior quality. I personally love the fact that it comes with multiple colors and/or racing stripes. Mindset aside, the upholstery of merax gaming chair is of breathable mesh and PU leather. It’s perfect for summer heat, and there is the adjustable lumber support and headrests cushions, they are meant to provide extra support to the body parts during long gaming sessions and this helps in relaxation.

The icing on the cake however is that merax gaming chair offers reclining ability. So if you aren’t comfortable or tired of gaming in 90-degree angle, then you can easily tilt it down to 180-degree and have a nap. Overall, merax high back gaming chair is a must buy, even though it offers decent armrest.

3. X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair

The X Rocker Pro H3 is undoubtedly one of the best gaming chairs with speakers. It is literally aimed at hardcore gamers and provides great comfort during hours of gaming. Right off the bat, you’d notice the ergonomic design it comes with, then there’s the overkilling four speakers with subwoofer that sounds pretty good during gameplay and they equally comes in handy when listening to music or watching a movie.

Of course all of X Rocker gaming chair sports a full back support, an headrest pillow and vibration motors. But the H3 model’s side control panel houses some of the chair’s essential features and in there, you’d get to see the volume and bass control, the input/output jacks as well as the headphone jacks. Finally, you’d fancy the fixed position gun stock arms that provides stability during gameplay.

4. Homall Gaming Chair

If you are looking for an affordable gaming chair with footrest, then you should checkout the homall gaming chair. It typically looks like the “regular” office chairs but has an higher headrest pillow and lumbar cushion. The chair can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees and this is good for relaxing in-between sessions.

For the finishing, homall gaming chair features high quality PU leather with smooth-rolling caster wheels and adjustable armrests that offers a comfy position when you place your hands on it. The foot rest padding design could be better since it’s a bit on the short side and not suitable for people with heights. In summary, homall gaming chair is spacious and sturdy and it is suitable for 6’4″ guys that weighs 270 lbs.

5. Bean Bag Bazaar Gaming Chair

Speak of those nostalgic days, when Atari was a popular console and we as kids played a video game that resembles ping-pong. It’s actually a game of two players where we control paddles and attempt to intercept a ball. Bean bag bazaar gaming chair harken back to those days, offering us a cushy giant pillow to sit on and it moulds at just the right size and position.

It is a delightfully comfy chair that is lightweight and is built with waterproof fabric that ensures water and weather resistant. Bean bag bazaar is robustly made, it’s filled with beans on arrival and they’re sealed with two rows of stitching for added strength. If your kid is one metre tall, the chair will definitely provide unparalleled back and neck support. Just ensure you air it outside to get rid of the chemical smell.

Wrapping Up

There are obviously a collossal number of gaming chairs out there, but we decided to select the affordable ones. From computer gaming to rocker, then down to bean bag chairs. They all make sense ergonomically and allows users to adjust their positioning. Aside from this, the abovementioned gaming chairs brings high-tech features and additional electronics. Some of them includes built-in speakers, pockets and storage, foot rests and vibration motors. They’re definitely a must-buy.

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