The Best L Shaped Gaming Desk

Here at Gaming Pirate, we are suckers for a great gaming setup. We’d obsess over how powerful our gaming room is and even when RGB lights keeps it warm, there are still a plethora of prerequisites that needs to be met. From trying out a slew of different designs to buying a sturdy gaming chair alongside a dedicated gaming mouse and keyboard; then what next? If you do look around, you’d see that your customization isn’t complete. You’re probably missing something important and that’s none other than a cool L Shaped gaming desk.

Now you might wonder why we didn’t opt for the normal U-Shaped or Squared office desk. Why recommend something that’d take up space? The answer is productivity. For someone who enjoys real estate while playing video games, you’d be urged to find a desk that’ll let you utilize one surface as a gaming station and the other for storing paraphernalia. That is where L-Shaped desk comes in to play. They are literally efficient and while knowing this, we decided to cherry-pick a few of them for you.

1. Merax L-Shaped Desk

Made from high quality particle board with metal legs, Merax L-Shaped desk is undoubtedly the most spacious and stylish desk for your gaming room. It was designed for more workspace while being space efficient. Tuck it into a room corner and you’d get to use it for various multi-tasking purposes. From working to studying your favourite books, then playing a slew of computer games for hours non-stop.

Merax L-Shaped desk is definitely a perfect piece for your room. it was built to have sleek appearance with streamlined finishes. The desk can easily compliment any space you place it on, and its eye-catching contemporary design with clean lines makes it an equipment worth putting in an office. Overall, it’s a bang for your buck.

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2. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

Pouted as an ideal anchor for your work space, Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped desk brings enough space that could fit two 24″ monitor with other gaming accessories. The desk was built from durable wood and offers a solid steel frame with silhouette design. It’s a very strong desk, strong enough to hold all your items without fear of them falling.

Aside from this, tribesigns modern L-Shaped desk features three smooth fully-extendable drawers that can be used to store files and other gaming gear. There’s also a CPU stand with adjustable feet pad to protect the desk from scratch. In summary, it’s a stout and reliable L-Shaped Desk for gaming.

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3. Ulikit Modern L Shaped Computer Desk

Ulikit modern L-shaped computer desk is rightly cornered. It creates a look that’s classic, attractive and yet simple. From the start, you’d see that the desk is easy to assemble. Once you have had it setup, simply fit it in a corner and you’d discover it has a good cable management tools.

Aside from offering plenty of space for homework and such, the desk lets you fit your monitors, keyboard and mouse with ease. There’s also a room for storing your speakers and the thick steel frame looks sturdy and durable, thus making the desk stable and secure while decreasing shake. Ulikit L-Shaped desk is perfect for gaming, and the lightly textured surface can smoothly act as a mousepad.

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4. Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk

Teraves Reversible L-Shaped desk is definitely a steal. It’s a table that proves that men are filled with great ideas. Bringing an aesthetic design, the desk was built for both gaming and working. It’s an elegant piece that offers interchangeable panel with powder-coated wood. At one end, you do see the 2-tier shelves, it’s a great feature that comes in handy for storing game discs and documents.

Teraves Reversible L-shaped desk brings support for monitor mount, and similar to Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped desk, you’d get to see a free board designated for your CPU and/or speakers. There’s also an adjustable leg pads with foot rest bar that makes it comfortable for gaming. It’s literally a versatile L-Shaped Desk that’s sturdy and durable.

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5. Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk with Hutch

If you’re looking for the best L-Shaped computer desk with hutch, then you should really consider this one. It’s a desk built to offer real estate during marathon gaming sessions. Finished in vintage walnut, tribesigns L-shaped desk brings enough space for storing just about anything, be it books, office files or printers.

For one thing, the desk brings a mechanical design. It fits snugly in a corner and offers a rustic feel to your room. The surface is wide enough for placing two computers alongside a mouse and keyword while offering abundant work space. There are two shelves to mount the CPU and other miscellaneous and even though it doesn’t bring a decent foot rest, it’s still a spacious desk with stable construction.

Buy From Amazon ($179)

Parting Words

A glimpse at Walmart’s Corner and L-Shaped Desks page alongside other online retailer sites will instantly reveal a colossal number of desks with the L-shaped design. There are a slew of them, but not all of them are suitable for gaming. The ones will listed above are benevolent in all ramifications. From being stable to offering essential features and they are incredibly cheap. But if you want to build something for yourself, you can checkout some cool Ikea hacks as that’s what I’m currently using.

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