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Club Penguin Codes for Coins, Hoodies and More (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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From Club Penguin Online to Club Penguin Rewritten, here’s all the currently active Club Penguin codes to redeem right now.

Joining Disney’s most fun community is sure a good idea. All You have to do is to design your own penguin, give it a name and you’ll be ready for an adventure in a frozen world inhabited by friendly penguins. For folks uninformed, Club Penguin is an MMO aimed specifically at children.

It provides access to a virtual world where players can painlessly participate in a variety of mini-games and activities with other users. From adorning your avatar with the latest outfit or clothes to throwing snowballs, adopting pets and more, there’s a slew of stuff to do in club penguin.

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The best part is that players are allowed to edit and customize their igloo with furniture and accessories that matters and they can also visit a slew of places including the cafe shop, beach, disco etc. Club Penguin is all about having fun, making new friends and taking part in various games within a safe environ.

It’s a good game per se and you’d get to watch the latest videos of the club’s YouTube channel. Now if you are looking to unlock some good Clothing for your character or even Coins and the Puffle Whistle, then here’s a list of all the Club Penguin codes to redeem right now.

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

Assuming you are “living under a rock”, then chances are you might not have come across Club Penguin Rewritten. It’s actually a remake of the original game and has amassed tons of players worldwide.

For the uninitiated, Club Penguin Rewritten is an MMO that provides a free virtual world based on Disney’s own Club Penguin game and it allows players to explore new ideas, meet new friends and play a ton of mini-games.

Below, we have listed all the currently working Club Penguin Rewritten codes that can reward you with Clothing, Coins and even the Puffle Whistle once redeemed.

  • FREEHOOD – Unlocks the UK Hoodie
  • HIDDENPUFFLE – Unlocks the Puffle Whistle
  • FREEHOOD2 – Unlocks the Green Crosshatched Hoodie
  • ONLINESAFETY – Unlocks a Laptop
  • CARDDECK – Unlocks Five Cards – Jitsu Cards
  • CARDJITSU3003 – Unlocks Five Jitsu Cards
  • THEFAIR20 – Unlocks the Tie Dye Shirt, Candy Apple and 20,000 Coins
  • THANKYOU20 – Unlocks the Striped Overalls

How to Redeem Codes in Club Penguin Rewritten

The steps involve in redeeming codes in Club Penguin Rewritten is pretty simple and straightforward. So to begin with, head over to cprewritten.net and login to your account.

Now directly from the server page, click on the icon that says “Unlock Items Online”. It’s located at the top right corner.

The next window will automatically bring up a “I have a code” text. Click on it and enter any of the codes listed above.

Club Penguin Online Codes

Similar to Club Penguin Rewritten, Club Penguin Online is a recreation of the original Club Penguin game. It puts you in a virtual world where players live as Penguins and are task to make friends, play mini-games etc.

For every activity completed, the game offers coins as reward and this can be used to decorate your igloos, buy Puffle pets and more. Below is some of the active Club Penguin Online Codes for money, clothes and other items.

  • ROBSTIXCPO – Gives you 2,500 coins and a Roblox pin as well as hoodie.
  • QUEENBADGER – Gives you 2,000 coins and queen badger background
  • ANNIVERSARY2 – Gives you 2,500 coins, 2nd Anniversary Shirt, 2nd Anniversary Sweater and also 2nd Anniversary Lei
  • KIWIICPO – Gives you 5,000 coins, a kiwi sneakers, costume, purse and background
  • BOXCRITTERS – Gives you a Box Critter Pin, Australian Hat and 2,500 Coins
  • GOLDSEMPIRE – Gives you a Golden Shield, Gold Letterman Jacket and Gold Scuba Tank
  • GRADUATION – Gives you a Graduation Cap and 3,000 Coins
  • DARKWARRIORS – Gives you a Dark Electric Guitar, Black Face Paint, Black Roman Helmet and Black Hockey Jersey
  • ICEWARRIORS – Gives you a Light Blue Face Paint, Silver Roman Helmet and Light Blue Hockey Jersery
  • NWARMYCP0 – Gives you a Hiking Backpack, Stealth Tracker and TIE Fighter Pilot Costume
  • 7MILLION – Gives you 2,500 coins and 4 items
  • SWATOFCP – Gives you Snowboard helmet, Red Scuba Tank and Reed night vision goggles
  • DISCORD200K – Gives you 5,000 coins alongside Flit Hoodie, Cozy Blue Scarf, Discord Pin, Yellow Designer Scarf and Red Ski Goggles
  • PIRATES – Gives you 1,000 coins and Parrot, Pirate Boots, Thunder Blade, Black and red Sailor Shirt, Tricorn Hat, and Treasure Map Background.

How to Redeem Codes in Club Penguin Online

Unlike Club Penguin Rewritten, the process involve in redeeming codes in Club Penguin Online is a bit complicated, but we are here to guide you. So to get this one going, head over to cponline.pw/play/ and enter your login credentials.

Next up, click on the Unlock Items Online icon located at the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up the Treasure Book, go ahead and click on where it says I’ve got a Code.


Now input any of the above listed codes into the blank box and click enter to redeem them.

Wrapping Up

So these are all the Club Penguin codes worth redeeming right now. From clothes to coins and even pets, they’d give you a plethora of items to help make your gameplay easier.


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