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Corruption of Champions Cheats (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Corruption of Champions cheats abound. So if you are looking to flee from combat or to use items infinitely, here are all the Corruption of Champions cheats to utilise right now.

In Corruption of Champions, the player character, who initially starts as a regular human with the aim of overthrowing the demon empire, is portrayed as a young adult from the village of Ingnam who has been sent to the demon realm known as Mareth as a sacrifice to keep Ingnam safe from demon raids.

The game is basically a turn-based tactical RPG where most actions happen through the click of buttons and reading the presented narration. Its gameplay revolves around exploring different zones and places, battling whatever enemies are encountered, and interacting with several characters, each with their own unique personality and backstory.

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Similar to most text-based games, Corruption of Champions allows players to make choices that affect their character’s development and interactions with NPCs, and in addition to engaging in a wide range of activities and relationships, the game includes elements of transformation and exploration.

However, despite being addictive, levelling up, maximising stats, and finding the strongest weapons and armour available in-game are major hooks in gameplay, and this is where Corruption of Champions cheats come into play.

So assuming you are looking to skip the hassles of training to get stronger or to gain strength, intelligence, toughness, and speed that you can use to flee combat, endure attacks, and more, here’s the best Corruption of Champions cheats to utilise right now.

Corruption of Champions Cheats

Unlike its sequel, Corruption of Champions features a dedicated debug menu built-in, and this in addition to the CoC save editor can be said to be the easiest Corruption of Champions cheat available.

For players unaware, the Corruption of Champions (CoC) debug menu is a set of hidden developer tools that allows users to manipulate character stats and even identify and fix issues in the game.

Despite not being intended for regular players, the Corruption of Champions debug menu comes in handy when you are looking to run away from fights or to use items infinitely.

The Debug menu in Corruption of Champions can be used for multiple purposes, such as testing various aspects of the game and modifying certain attributes. Now here’s how to access the Corruption of Champions Debug Menu.

  • To begin with, open up Corruption of Champions and navigate to the main menu.
  • From here, jump into Settings, followed by Gameplay, and you should see a button that says Toggle Debug.
  • Click on it to enable the option, and then swiftly type in the word debug to access the game’s debug menu.

That’s it. You can now go ahead and fiddle with the list of attributes and modify the ones you desire.

Wrapping Up

So this is literally the only Corruption of Champions cheat you’ll ever need. If you encounter any issues while toggling the debug menu on, simply notify us using the comment box below.


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