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Star Trek Infinite Cheats and Console Commands

by Henry Emmanuel

Star Trek Infinite cheats are console commands that can be used to gain unfair advantages in-game. So if you are looking to get unlimited money and more, here is all the Star Trek Infinite cheats to utilise right now.

Star Trek Infinite offers a captivating journey through the cosmos, but for those seeking an extra edge in their gaming odyssey, cheats provides a shortcut to starship supremacy and undisputed captaincy.

So whether you are surveying new systems, establishing trade routes, constructing research and mining facilities, and more, here are the Star Trek Infinite cheats that can help you transform the game’s complex and exhausting mechanism into a thrilling adventure.

Star Trek Infinite Cheats

Note: Prior to entering cheats in Star Trek Infinite, players will need to open the game’s console window by pressing the tilde (~) key on their keyboard. So if you’ve already done that, simply type in any of the Star Trek Infinite cheats below and hit Enter to activate.

  • debugtooltip – Shows the target ID when hovering over it with the mouse cursor.
  • activate_all_traditions – Activates all Traditions
  • activate_ascension_perk [ap id] – Activates the specified Ascension Perk, pressing tab reveals all IDs. Example: activate_ascension_perk ap_mind_over_matter
  • activate_gateways – Activates all gateways in the galaxy
  • activate_relic [relic id] – Activates the triumph effect of [relic id]. Example; activate_relic r_unbidden_warlock
  • activate_tradition [tradition id] – Activates the specified Tradition, pressing tab reveals all IDs including tree adoption. Example: activate_tradition tr_prosperity_sct
  • add_anomaly [anomaly id] – Adds [anomaly id] to the selected celestial body. Example; add_anomaly life_asteroid_category
  • add_intel [target] [amount] – Adds [amount] of intel towards [target], default 10. Example: add_intel 1 100
  • add_loyalty [target] [amount] – Adds [amount] of loyalty from [target], default 10. Example: add_loyalty 1 50
  • add_opinion [source] [target] [amount] – Increases the [source] empire’s Opinion of the [target] empire by [amount], default 40. Example: add_opinion 1 0 100
  • add_pops [species id] [amount] – Creates [amount] of pops from [species id] on the selected celestial body. Example: add_pops 0 5
  • add_relic [relic id] – Grants [relic id], typing all instead of the ID grants all relics. Example; add_relic r_unbidden_warlock
  • add_ship [design name] – Creates a fleet with one ship of [design name], pressing tab reveals the NPC ship names. Example: add_ship Avatar
  • add_spynetwork_value [target] [amount] – Adds [amount] of infiltration progress on [target]. Example: add_spynetwork_value 1 1000
  • add_time [unit] [amount] – Adds [amount] of [unit] time, valid units are days, months and years. Example; add_time years 10
  • add_trait_leader [species id] [trait id] – Adds [trait id] to [species id]. Example: add_trait_species 5 intelligent
  • advance_council_agenda [amount] – Adds [amount] of progress to the council agenda. Example: advance_council_agenda 1000
  • ai – Toggles the AI on or off
  • alloys [amount] – Adds [amount] of Alloys, default 5000. Example: alloys 500
  • annex [target] – Takes control of all worlds and starbases of target. Example: annex 3
  • break_fleet_contract – Returns the selected leased fleet to its original owner
  • build_pops [amount] – Assembles [amount] of pops to the selected celestial body. Example: build_pops 5
  • cash [amount] – Adds [amount] of Energy Credits, defaults 5000. Example: cash 500
  • colonize [colonizer pop id] – Starts the colonization process of the selected celestial body. Example: colonize 1
  • communications – Establishes communications with all empires
  • contact – Starts first contact with all empires
  • create_megastructure [megastructure id] – Creates a Megastructure in the current system, pressing tab reveals the IDs. Example; create_megastructure gateway_final
  • create_navy [amount] – Creates a fleet using your most recent designs that uses [amount] percentage of Naval Capacity, 1 means 100%. Example; create_navy 0.5
  • damage [amount] – All ships in the selected fleet take [amount] hull damage. Example: damage 100
  • debug_nomen – Toggles AI empires always refusing player proposals
  • debug_yesmen – Toggles AI empires always refusing player proposals
  • effect add_building = [building id] – Adds [building id] to the selected celestial body. Example: effect add_building = building_fe_dome
  • effect add_deposit = [deposit id] – Adds [deposit id] resource deposit or planetary feature to the selected celestial body. Example: effect add_deposit = d_arid_highlands
  • effect add_district = [district id] – Adds [district id] to the selected celestial body. Example: effect add_district = district_city
  • effect country_add_ethic = [ethic id] – Adds [ethic id] to the player empire. Example: effect country_add_ethic = ethic_spiritualist
  • effect add_planet_devastation = [amount] – Adds [amount] of Devastation to the selected celestial body. Example: effect add_planet_devastation = 10
  • effect create_archaeological_site = [archaeological site id] – Adds [archaeological site id] to the selected celestial body. Example: effect create_archaeological_site = lithoids_digsite
  • effect force_add_civic = [civic Id] – Adds [civic id] to the player empire. Example: effect force_add_civic = civic_corporate_dominion
  • effect set_origin = [origin id] – Replaces the origin of the player empire with the origin id specified. Example: effect set_origin = origin_fallen_empire
  • effect shift_ethic = [ethic id] – Shifts the player empire’s ethics to [ethic id]. Example: effect shift_ethic = ethic_fanatic_spiritualist
  • effect destroy_colony – Decolonizes the selected world
  • election – Starts a ruler election
  • end_senate_session – Passes/fails the currently voted resolution
  • engineering [amount] – Adds [amount] of Engineering tech points, default 5000. Example: engineering 500
  • event [event id] [target id] – Triggers [event id], worlds can be selected manually but ships require [target id]. Example: event anomaly.1 0
  • federation_add_experience [amount] – Adds [amount] of Experience to the Federation, default 1000. Example: federation_add_experience 1200
  • federation_add_cohesion [amount] – Adds [amount] of Cohesion to the Federation, default 200. Example: federation_add_cohesion 10
  • federation_add_cohesion_speed [amount] – Adds [amount] of Monthly Cohesion to the Federation, default 10. Example: federation_add_cohesion_speed 10
  • federation_examine_leader – Triggers a Federation succession
  • finish_arc_stage – Finishes the current chapter of an archaeological site
  • finish_research – Finishes all active research
  • finish_special_projects – Finishes all special projects
  • finish_terraform – Finishes all terraforming processes
  • food [amount] – Adds [amount] of Food, default 5000. Example: food 500
  • force_integrate [target] – Integrates [target] empire into the player’s empire. Example: force_integrate 2
  • force_senate_vote – Ends the current senate recess
  • free_government – Allows player to change governments without the time limit and ignores civics restrictions
  • free_policies – Allows player to change policies and species rights without restriction
  • grow_pops [amount] – Adds [amount] of pops to selected world
  • hire_all_leaders – Hires all leaders in the leader pool
  • instant_build – Instantly finishes constructions and upgrades and resource storage becomes unlimited
  • influence [amount] – Adds [amount] of Influence, default 5000. Example: influence 500
  • instant_specialization_conversion – Enables instantly converting specialized subjects
  • intel – Gives sight of the entire galaxy
  • invincible – Player ships will not take damage
  • max_resources – Fills all resource storages
  • minerals [amount] – Adds [amount] of Minerals, default 5000. Example: minerals 500
  • observe – Switches to observer mode.
  • own [planet id] – Take ownership and control of the selected fleet, starbase or planet.
  • physics – Adds [amount] of Physics tech points, default 5000. Example: physics 500
  • planet_ascension_tier [amount] – Changes the ascension tier of the selected celestial body to [amount]. Example: planet_ascension_tier 3
  • planet_class [planet class id] – Changes the selected celestial body to [celestial body id]. Example: planet_class pc_arid
  • planet_happiness [amount] – Adds a modifier with [amount] Happiness to the selected planet, default 100. Example; planet_happiness 25
  • planet_size [size] – Changes the Size of the selected celestial body. Example: planet_size 30
  • play [empire id] – Switches player control to empire [empire ID]. Example: play 2
  • random_ruler – Replaces the empire ruler with a new random one
  • research_technology [technology id] – Instantly research [technology id]. Example: research_technology tech_automated_exploration
  • research_all_technologies [boolean] [amount] – Instantly researches all non-repeatable technologies. Example: research_all_technologies 1 5
  • resource [amount] [resource] – Adds [amount] of [resource], default 5000. Example; resource consumer_goods 1000
  • skills [amount] – Adds [amount] of skill levels to every leader hired by the player, default 1. Example: skills 9
  • skip_agreement_cooldowns – Allows the change of subject terms of agreement without cooldown
  • skip_federation_cooldowns – Allows the change of federation laws without cooldown
  • skip_galactic_community_cooldowns – Allows the proposition of resolutions from the same group without cooldown
  • society [amount] – Adds [amount] of Society tech points, default 5000. Example: society 500
  • survey – Surveys all celestial bodies
  • techupdate – Re-rolls the current available tech choices
  • unity – Adds [amount] of Unity, default 500. Example: unity 5000
  • unlock_edicts – Unlocks all edicts
  • update_leader_pool – Refreshes the leader pool

So these are all the Star Trek Infinite cheats to utilise right now.


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