Culture Shock Codes: Gallery and Sixth Sense Codes

Culture Shock codes abound. So if you’re looking to unlock galleries, here are all the Culture Shock Sixth Sense codes to utilise right now.

Culture Shock is an intriguing visual novel game about a high school graduate looking to enter college. The game centres around the everyday life of the main character, who’s got no emotional swings or embellishments. One day, his family receives a phone call from an aunt far away and decides to leave their small town in Virginia for the bustling city of Honolulu.

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Now in a new, large, modern metropolis with a bustling infrastructure, the protagonist resolves to abandon his previous monotonous existence in order to fit in. As the player, your goal will be to develop love relationships with nearly every character in the game while also determining the best method to deal with rivals.

Albeit fun, Culture Shock isn’t without grindy elements. From playing special events to numerous mini-games, players will need to grind in order to earn money and unlock the game’s galleries and/or scenes. Nonetheless, if you are looking to skip these hassles, here are all the Culture Shock codes and sixth sense codes to utilise right now.

Culture Shock Codes

The following Culture Shock codes will help you unlock galleries, access extra scenes, and whatnot. Now, without further delay, here are all the Culture Shock sixth sense codes and gallery codes to make use of.

Ch.3 v0.1

  • Gallery: 789789
  • Sixth Sense: 515151
  • Sofia Extra Scene: 464349
  • Tracy Extra Scene: 796959

Ch. 2 v1.0

  • Gallery Code: 425466
  • Six Sense Code: 867564

Ch. 2 v0.9

  • Gallery Code: 161514
  • Six Sense Code: 457595
  • Sophia Code: 796959

Ch. 2 v0.8 Revised

  • Gallery Code: 191317
  • Six Sense Code: 646769
  • Sophia Code: 464349

Ch. 2 v0.7 Revised

  • Gallery Code: 171315
  • Six Sense Code: 867564

Ch. 2 v0.6

  • Gallery Code: 86
  • Sophia Code: 239785

Ch. 2 v0.5

  • Gallery Code: 678
  • Sophia Code: 358645

Ch. 2 v0.4

  • Gallery Code: 947

How to enter codes in Culture Shock

The above-listed Culture Shock codes (Gallery and Sixth Sense) can be entered in their appropriate section within the game’s in-game menu, as shown in the picture below.

The Sophia Code can be entered within Extras, which is accessible from the main menu. Refer to the image below to get more clues.

How to Access and Play a Special Event in Culture Shock

To begin with, start the game and go to Extras. From here, you will see the event name “Tracy Extra Scene 1.” Click on it, and it will ask for a code. Simply input 796959 to access the event, and that’s it.

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