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Diablo 4 Can’t Skip Dialogue Bug Fixed

by Henry Emmanuel
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Diablo 4’s can’t skip dialogue bug is literally frustrating. So if you’re looking for a permanent solution for this issue, here’s how to fix the can’t skip dialogue in Diablo 4.

The Diablo series will never die. Twenty-seven years after the release of the first Diablo game, the battle between the high heavens and the burning hells rages on in Diablo 4, but despite featuring ceaseless demons to slaughter, abilities to master, loot to garner, and nightmarish dungeons to explore, Diablo 4 unfortunately comes with its fair share of bugs, and one of them is the inability to skip dialogues in-game.

In Diablo 4, the can’t skip dialogue bug is frustrating, especially for players looking to quickly progress through the game’s story or dialogue sequences. This bug can manifest in several ways, such as not being able to see the skip or fast-forward buttons, and even when they are accessible, pressing the right key won’t yield a response.

For players wondering why they can’t skip dialogue in Diablo 4, simply know that this issue is mostly due to scripting errors, as bugs in the game’s scripting can cause dialogue sequences to become unresponsive to skip commands.

Now, assuming you do not want to get stuck listening to or reading through the Diablo 4 dialogues you have already encountered, here’s how to fix can’t skip dialogue in Diablo 4.

Use Alt+Tab

Yes, you heard that right! The first method we recommend using to fix Diablo 4’s can’t skip dialogue issue is by using the Alt+Tab shortcut to tab out of the game while the dialogue is playing and then pressing the same shortcut once again to tab back in. Once in, you can now use the ESC key on your computer keyboard to skip the dialogue, and this time, it should work.

Use Windows Key

The Windows logo key on your keyboard is pretty powerful, as it can be used to perform a tonne of functions. By pressing it, you can painlessly tab out of Diablo 4, and then reopen the game by clicking on its icon. This time, you will be able to skip the dialogue once you press the Escape key.

Wrapping Up 

So this is literally how to fix the can’t skip dialogue bug in Diablo 4. So if you have lost the ability to skip cutscenes and dialogue in-game, you can simply use this trick to get back on track.


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