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How to Start Diamond Casino Heist on GTA Online

by Henry Emmanuel
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GTA Online beginners are often unable to choose an arcade to buy. Arcades are different from MC Businesses and Nightclubs. You cannot use them to expand your criminal empire, but you can enjoy the social space they create to play entertaining mini-games, including the Diamond Casino Heist.

One thing’s for sure though, the level of excitement GTA brings to its players is pretty unique. It’s possibly akin to playing at an online casino offering no deposit bonuses. Whichever you choose to play, one piece of advice would be to keep calm and remain level-headed, because getting too caught up in the excitement might deter your concentration. And we know that bringing your A-game is super important.

The following article guides GTA Online players trying to buy an arcade and start the Diamond Casino Heist.

Best Arcade to Buy

Let us first talk about the best arcade to buy, but before that, you need to visit Mirror Park and meet Lester, who will soon start sending you text messages about the arcades you can buy. You can purchase one of the following six arcades from Maze Bank Foreclosures through your mobile app.

  • Pixel Pete’s at Paleto Bay costs GTA$1,235,000
  • Wonderama at Grapeseed costs GTA$1,565,000
  • Eight-Bit at Vinewood costs GTA$2,530,000
  • Insert Coin at Rockford Hills costs GTA$2,345,000
  • Videogeddon at La Mesa costs GTA$1,875,000
  • Warehouse at Davis costs GTA$2,135,000 

If you want to start the Diamond Casino Heist, choose a location closest to the hotel-casino resort. We recommend purchasing the Master Control Terminal, which you can use to launch missions for all GTA Online businesses. This upgrade is available at the Pixel Emporium App downloaded on the laptop in the arcade office. 

Remember that GTA Online does not teleport you automatically to business locations. Traveling to these locations takes precious mission time. So choose a location as close to your MC Business as possible.

Diamond Casino Heist

The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online challenges players to infiltrate Diamond Casino & Resort and rob its secure vault. You have to work with Lester Crest, the master hacker, and Cheng Holdings VP Georgina Cheng, who wants to defeat the Duggans, the criminals who have taken over the Diamond Casino & Resort by force.

The heist includes several approaches and opportunities for prep and setup missions. If something goes wrong when you are on the job, the Diamond Casino Heist may also change its objectives.

Start the Diamond Casino Heist

The first step to starting the Diamond Casino Heist on GTA Online is to purchase an arcade from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Once you register as a CEO, MC President, or VIP, you will gain access to the setup mission of the arcade. You must complete the setup mission to access the heist planning.

Visit the arcade offer and chat with Lester Speaks, the fortune teller on the back wall. You will soon spot a staircase leading to the basement, where the Diamond Casino Heist planning board is located. The Master Control Terminal is also in the basement, but you will see it only if you bought it.

Choose from Three Approaches

After completing your setup mission, you have to choose a heist approach from the following:  

  • Aggressive: You try to forcibly enter the Diamond Casino & Resort vault using weapons to overcome a high resistance level. 
  • Big Con: You pass yourself off as a worker to enter the vault. The resistance you face is less, but you require finesse to pull off the Big Con.
  • Silent and Sneaky: You try to enter the vault without being detected. There is hardly any resistance, but you will take a long time to steal wealth from the vault.

You can approach the heist any way you wish, but we recommend staying away from the aggressive approach because this approach will cost you money. Although up to four players can participate in the Diamond Casino Heist, we recommend only two players on a mission because you can make more profits that way. 

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