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Discord Sex Hack: How Does It Work?

by Henry Emmanuel

Discord is simply a communication tool for multiplayer gaming. The platform features a plethora of hidden tricks, but of all the ones out there, the Discord sex hack seems to be the most popular, and it is far from the actual sex hack you’re currently imagining.

Activating The Discord Sex Hack

For those unaware, the Discord sex hack involves sending a trending GIF from Tenor via Discord’s GIF picker and then the message s/e/x.


This automatically turns the GIF sent into a four-panel still-image meme.

Looking at the meme, you’d see it contains instructions for the hack in the top left corner, then a stick figure eating cereal and bemoaning “This will never work” in the top right corner.


At the bottom left corner, you’d see a static meme or GIF overlaid with the words “WTF DISCORD SEX/??? WTF???? SEX????” and on the bottom right corner, you’ll notice the stick figure spitting out its cereal.

In some of the still-image memes generated, there’s also a tiny QR code in the bottom right corner. Also in this section, there’s a little pop-up with the text “New sex game”. Try 999 IQ game types: s/w/ag.

Curious about what this does, I quickly inputted the message s/w/ag into the Discord text box as instructed, and lo and behold, a chess board game spawned.


Upon typing the example move: s/g/$&b1c3, as shown in the bottom right corner, I noticed one of my pawns had moved to the middle upon refresh.

For one thing, the Discord sex hack originated following a tweet by Twitter user @rebane2001, who shared the following instructions on how to activate it.


Although titillating, the hack only works on computers and can be deactivated by typing the s/x/e message. So if you’re looking to give it a try on mobile, you’d hardly get a positive result. Now, for users wondering, here’s how the Discord sex hack works:

How The Discord Sex Hack Works

To make the Discord sex hack trick possible, @rebane2001 actually bought and had the domain txnor.com set up.

Now, when you send a GIF using the GIF picker on Discord, it actually sends the link to the GIF, which is served by Tenor, and this link automatically converts to a bitmap image. For instance, assuming this is a GIF sent from Tenor:


Typing the text s/e/x after the GIF is sent will instantly take the first occurrence of e and replace it with x. The initial link will now become the following:


Hence, converting it to the still-image meme we talked about earlier. Funny enough, viewing txnor.com using a web browser redirects you to a YouTube video explaining the Discord sex hack, but thanks to the user agent used by Discord, users are able to experience the still-image meme without redirection.

Discord Sex Hack Extra Features

Aside from the chess game, the Discord sex hack offers extra features that can be activated using a few commands. Below is every single one of them:

Double Sex:

When you run the s/e/x command a second time, it displays the double sex image, which basically looks like the initial but with a different background and the “Ultra Double Sex” and “Activated Now” text.


Note that this works in a similar way as well. When you run the s/e/x message a second time, it replaces the next e that appears in the txnor URL. Example:


Wumpagotchi Adventures Game:

Running the message s/w/ord after s/e/x instantly starts a fighting game titled “Wumpagotchi Adventures”.


As stated on screen, you can use three commands: s/d/dATK, s/d/dDEF, and s/d/dHUG to attack, defend, and hug your opponent.

If you lose, you get an epic fail screen, and if you happen to get a one in 6970 chance, it will return a congratulations message.

Wrapping Up

So this is all there is to know about the Discord sex hack. If you have any questions or want to contribute to this post, simply shoot us a message using the comment box below, and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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