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Fortnite Leaked Skins: Here’s All The Leaked Fortnite Skins in 2024

by Henry Emmanuel

Fortnite leaked skins galore. So if you’re looking to feed your eyes on some of the best Fortnite outfits before they debut, then here’s all the leaked Fortnite Skins to see right now.

Changing the appearance of a game character is one of the allurement of many video games and whether you love them or hate them, you can’t just help wanting to try them out. From Overwatch to SMITE, there are a plethora of “games with skins” but when it comes to cool outfits with unique abilities, Fortnite is the best around.

At its core, Fortnite skins are the cosmetics you wear in Battle Royale. There’s a huge list of them and with every new “update” comes new skins. Some are either rare, legendary, epic, common and uncommon. Now if you are the eager type, then chances are you are probably itching to see a list of all the unreleased skins in Fortnite.

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Well this is possible and it’s absolutely due to the efforts exerted by dataminers who have been searching the game’s database for skins not released yet. From Envision to Nightlife, there are a plethora of ’em. Hence here’s a list of all the Fortnite leaked skins that may or may not appear in the game’s store.

Leaked Fortnite Skins

From YouTube to Reddit, Twitter and more, we went through a slew of “social media sites” to come up with this list. Most of the skins posted below aren’t yet available in the Item Shop and they may or may not appear (that’s leaks for you). Now without further ado, here’s all the Leaked Fortnite Skins worth feeding your eyes on.

1. Nightlife


Slapped under the Epic Skin type, Nightlife is definitely one of the Leaked Fortnite Skin we are anticipating. The life of the afterparty is breeze indeed.

2. Vix


Vix is yet another Epic Fortnite Skin leaked by dataminers. Its “cat-style” design really looks awesome and truly, a catsassin always lands on her feet.

3. Hugo


Nightlife aside, Hugo is the skin I’d pick once it goes live. It portrays style, stealth and most importantly unpredictability. It’s a rare skin nonetheless.

4. Envision


Envision sure shines. It is one of the leaked Fortnite Skins that looks exceptional and I’m sure it will hit the store in the coming weeks. As an Epic Skin, Envision isn’t only bright but it strikes fast.

5. Yellowjacket


Yellowjacket is simply unique. It’s one of the leaked Fortnite skin you shouldn’t overlook. Aside from been Rare a skin, it’s classic, venomous and victorious.

6. Sig


Sig as a rare skin comes from the Intercept agent set and it ooze perfection. It’s definitely one of the leaked Fortnite skin we’re expecting to see in the Item Shop.

7. Wild Gunner


When you embrace your wild side, you’d feel superior. Wild Gunner is an Uncommon Fortnite skin that’s yet to be released but once it does, do ensure to slap it on.

8. Shadow Archetype


Engineered in the Shadows for combat performance, Shadow Archetype is purely a shadow series Fortnite skin from the Archetype set. I’d say it’s inspired by Star Wars.

9. Hit Man


Considered as an Epic Fortnite Skin, Hit Man sure looks extraordinary. It’s from the Ready Aim Fire! set and its look and feel. So if you love the idea of being a contract killer, we’re certain what the dress for your job will be.

10. Professor Slurpo


The Power of Slurp sucks right? but with slurpo you will think otherwise. Professor Slurpo is a Slurp Series Fortnite skin from the Blue Crew set and it may hit the Item Shop soon.

11. Slurpentine


Similar to Professor Slurpo, Slurpentine is a Slurp Series Fortnite skin from the Blue Crew set. Albeit leaked, it’s yet to be released.

12. Terns


Terns sure depict Shaolin Masters. It is an Epic Fortnite skin from the Changing Seasons set and despite the fact that it looks ancient, it’s still a cosmetic worth buying.

13. Brilliant Bomber


This one sure looks cool. At its core, Brilliant Bomber is a Rare Fortnite skin from the Sunshine and Rainbows set and once it hits the store, do ensure to acquire it.

14. Wake Rider


Wake Rider is undoubtedly the most anticipated Fortnite leaked skin that’s yet to be released. It is q Rare cosmetic from the Aqua Marine set and I’m definitely purchasing it once it hits the shelf.

15. Goldie


Goldie runs the game and it’s Rare Fortnite skin from the At Large set. With the robber style mask, you will surely love it once it debuts. Released on May 1st 2020, Goldie is now available in the Item Shop and it sells for 1,200 V-bucks.

Other Leaked Fortnite Skins

Aside from the above skins, the ones listed below were also leaked by dataminers and despite the fact that they haven’t been released so far, hope mustn’t be lost.












Male Sgt. Green Clover

Wrapping Up

So these are all the leaked Fortnite Skins worth staying awake for. They sure look cool and I personally can’t wait to “slap” them on once they debut. Before you exit, do note that we’ll be updating this post with new skins once they leak and at the same type, we’ll be specifying the ones that have been released and added to Fortnite item shop.


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