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Fire Staff Code and Upgrade Guide

by Henry Emmanuel

Origins Fire Staff code puzzle is quite easy to solve. So if you are yet to acquire this powerful weapon, then here’s how to obtain, upgrade and solve the Fire Staff code puzzle.

The Staff of Fire or preferably Fire Staff is one of the four craftable elemental staffs in COD Origins map. It is one of the best weapons you can find in-game and features the capability to shoot three fireballs in each openings. Zombies hit by these fireballs slowly burns to death and melts away.

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Now assuming you are looking to obtain, craft and upgrade the Fire Staff, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the process of obtaining, crafting and upgrading Fire Staff weapon as well as how to solve the code puzzle.

How to Obtain and Craft the Fire Staff

To obtain the Fire Staff, players must gather three parts of the staff piece as well as a musical (red) disc, a Gramophone, a red gem and a pure black disc.

  • Begin by acquiring the Gramophone. It spawns on the floor, inside the Excavation site.
  • For the black disc, you can find it either in a wheelbarrow on the top of the excavation site, or in the box visible in the wooden walkway just behind the excavation sign. If not there, then check the box on the back of the excavation site, near the entrance leading to the church.
  • Once you have obtained these two items, go inside the Excavation site once again and open the chamber below you by placing the Gramophone on the table. Once done, pick your gramophone back up.
  • To find the red musical disc, simply go inside the church and navigate to the upper left floor. From here, go to the back, towards the long benches on fire and you should see it. If not found, check the boxes on the entrance of generator station 6 or in one of the crates between the tank and the staircase in the basement of the church.
  • Now that you have found the red musical disc, head into the tunnel located near the spawn. It is opposite Generator Station 3 and No Man’s Land. In there, place the Gramophone on the table and a portal to the Crazy Place will open.
  • Now go ahead and jump into it, then locate the newly opened fire altar/pedestal and pick up the glowing red gem. Once obtained, exit the Crazy Place.
  • The next step will be to acquire the three Fire Staff piece. The first fire staff part can be found by defeating a PanzaSoldat that spawn on round 8. Once killed, he will automatically drop a fire staff piece.
  • The second Fire Staff part can be obtained by shooting down the glowing orange plane in the sky. It spawns around the excavation site after opening the path leading to the church.
  • The third fire staff part can be found by turning on Generator 6 located at the back of the church. Once powered on, you’ll be able to obtain the Fire Staff piece on the chest next to it.
  • With the Fire Staff fragments acquired, head into the Excavation site (where you found the gramophone) and navigate your way to the chamber you opened earlier.
  • Once inside, craft the Fire Staff in front of the orange statue and pick it up.

How to Upgrade the Fire Staff

Upgrading the Fire Staff requires filling up the four Cauldrons in the Crazy Place and solving the Fire Staff code puzzle, then lining up the rings at the bottom of the Excavation site and charging the Fire Staff with Zombie souls.

  • So with the Fire Staff equipped and your Gramophone still in your custody, return to the Crazy Place and stand on the metal grates beside the four cauldrons.
  • From here, use the Fire Staff to kill hordes of zombies whilst standing on the metal grates. You should see puffs of smokes or ash when a zombie dies and this should lit up the cauldrons. Kill as many zombies as possible until all the Cauldrons are filled up and Samantha will talk to you.
  • With the step completed, exit the Crazy Place and head over to the top floor of the Church. From here, you should notice some red symbols lit up on the far wall.
  • Reading from left to right, we have 11, 5, 9, 7, 6, 3, 4. Now note the symbols that are lit up in your game. In my case, it is 11, 7, 3, 4.
  • Now head downstairs where the tank is and find the torches that corresponds to the lit up symbols upstairs. Once you have noted their positions, shoot them in quick succession using the Fire Staff and you’ll be good to go.
  • With that done, go inside the Excavation site and head downstairs. From here, take note of the four mechanical floating rings bearing four colored gems on the side. Rotate them using the levers found on the wooden walkways and on the main path leading downstairs.
  • Once all the four colored red gems on the floating rings are aligned, a floating red orb will appear at the bottom of the rings. Shoot it with your Fire Staff and off you go to the Crazy Place.
  • Once you arrive in the Crazy Place, put your Fire Staff in the altar/pedestal where you picked up the fire gem earlier and then equip a decent weapon and use it to kill 20 zombies at close range. Their souls will travel to your Fire Staff and charge it.
  • Once that is done, you should see a pop-up indicating that your Fire Staff is complete. Go ahead and pick it up from the altar/pedestal and that’s it.

Wrapping Up

So this is basically how to obtain, build, upgrade and solve the Fire Staff code puzzle. Do note that when the staff is lost, it will be returned to its altar/pedestal. Overall, happy gaming.

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