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Material Girl Roblox ID (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Material Girl Roblox ID galore. So if you’re looking for something loud, then here’s Saucy Santana material Girl bass-boosted Roblox id.

If you have ever used TikTok, an app that hosts millions of user-generated short-form videos from different genres, then you might have come across the hit song Material Girl.

It is a popular music per se and despite the fact that it got released two years ago, its bass-boosted remix has been included in thousands of TikTok videos trending online.

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Material Girl for one thing was sang by the artist Saucy Santana and it mostly talks about designer and high-end stuff.

So assuming you’re looking to add the song to your Roblox game or to play it in the background whilst adventuring in the plethora of unique user-generated 3D experiences on Roblox, then here’s the best Material Girl Roblox ID to utilize right now.

Material Girl Roblox ID

It is hard to come across a working ID for Material Girl on Roblox but having gone through the web, we stumbled upon something that works and thought it wise to share. So without further ado, here’s the only working Material Girl Roblox ID you should be using right now.

Song Name ID
Material Girl 8634118812

How to Play Music on Roblox


Roblox is sure generous. Not only does it offer its services for free but also allows users to listen to any music code provided they have the boombox item. Of course there are a couple of options available and the lowest Boombox can sell as low as R$250. Now assuming you have already got one available, simply follow the below guide to get Anime Thighs playing;

  • To begin with, open up Roblox and enter your game world.
  • From here, click on your boombox.
  • Then type in the Material Girl Roblox ID listed above and hit enter.
  • That’s it, your music will start playing out loud!.

Wrapping Up

So this is a list of all the currently working Material Girl Roblox ID Code to utilize right now. They’re extremely loud and free-to-use. Overall, happy gaming.

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