Frag Gift Codes for Free Gems (2024)

Frag gift codes galore. So if you are looking to get free gems in-game, then here’s a list of all the currently active codes for Frag Pro Shooter.

Frag Pro Shooter is a spectacular online first-person shooter game that offers fast-paced “gaming experience” on mobile. It is fun per se and “mimics” the ever popular Overwatch and Paladins in terms of graphics. At its core, Frag let’s you challenge players in an exciting 1v1 battles.

It brings up to 40 heroes and each of them features unique skills and powers. From fire rockets to pistols, crossbow and more, Frag Pro Shooter offers tons of weapons and it uses a card system similar to that of Clash Royale to upgrade and improve characters.

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That aside, the game lets you respawn into any hero when you’re killed but it can be really slow to progress especially when you’re out or short of resources. Now if you’re probably looking to get free gems such as diamond, joker cards and skin, then here’s a list of all the currently active codes for Frag Pro Shooter.

Frag Pro Shooter Codes

From Kanpip to Kantyf, there are a plethora of gift codes released for Frag Pro Shooter and it’s specifically targeted at players who hate the either of grinding or spending real cash in game. In other to make things easier, we have compiled below, a list of all the Frag gift codes that are still working.

  • KANZFF – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANBKR – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANIB4 – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANTGG – Gives you 25 gems
  • KAN5MS – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANEYG – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANXMR – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANRLR – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANCVE – Gives you 25 gems
  • KAN166 – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANPXF – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANBEJ – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANDYI – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANDGL – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANTYF – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANPIP – Gives you 25 gems
  • KANHPX – Gives you 25 gems

So these are a list of all the Frag Pro Shooter Codes released so far. We urge you to redeem them as soon as possible before they expire. And also, endeavor to bookmark this page for more codes update.

How to Redeem Codes in Frag Pro Shooter

In as much as Frag Pro Shooter is very simple to master, you may find it difficult locating the game’s code redeem page. If that’s the case, then we’re here to help. So from here, we’re assuming you already have the game installed.

If yes, go ahead and fire it up, then navigate to the Store tab from the main menu (it’s located at the left side of the screen).

In there, scroll down a little and just under skin coins, you’ll find a blank box that says Enter Gift Code. Go ahead and copy any of the above listed codes and paste it into the empty area. Tap ok once done to receive your reward.

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