8 Best Games You Can Play With Friends Online

Ever wondered why games like PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground) and Fortnite are growing in popularity? It isn’t because they are “rich” graphics-wise nor do they bring astonishing or great storyline. It is none other than the fact that they are online. Prior to this era, offline gaming has been what everyone was playing. But things have changed, and a lot of developers are beginning to realize that the future is online.

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To be sincere, online gaming is a fast-moving trend. They’d have their own benefits aside from the fact that they consume data and battery life. Online gaming helps improve our social skills with other players. They allow us to communicate and compete with each other and this in turn increases our memory skills and coordination. So if you’re looking to compete with a buddy online, then here are the best games you can play with friends over the internet.

1. Ludo King

Ludo King is a very interesting board game. It’s ubiquitous among children as well as adults. Its gameplay begins on a classic board with four “colored” areas and each base contains 4 tokens assigned to each players. The goal of the game is to roll a six which brings tokens out of your base and you must move them tactfully round the board to reach your home and emerge the winner. It’s really a nice game to play and offers an offline as well as online multiplayer mode.

2. UNO

UNO is a card game similar to crazy eights and it’s played with specially printed cards that have astonishing colors. To play the game, you’ll need to deal each players seven cards. Once done, place the remaining cards face-down to form a “draw” pile. Now turn over the card atop the draw pile to begin the game. Players each take turn placing the appropriate card on top of the discard pile and whoever gets rid of all his cards first becomes the winner.

3. Chess

One of the oldest strategy games in the world is Chess. It is the brain behind those tactic skills and visual memories players exhibit. For folks who aren’t familiar with the game, it is a board logic game for two players with each beginning with 16 chess pieces moving according to fixed rules across a chessboard with the objective to checkmate the opposing king. Featuring beautiful graphics as well as progressive levels, chess is one of the best games to play with friends.

4. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is one of the games that can be played with friends over the internet. It is a popular cue sport game played with a cue ball and a stick on a pool table containing a total of sixteen balls. The game begins after the balls are scattered with a break shot. Now left with 15 balls, 7 of stripped colors, 7 of solid colors and the black 8 ball, you’re now meant to pocket your own colored balls as well as the black ball to net a win.

5. Virtual Table Tennis

If Chess, UNO and 8 Ball Pool doesn’t catch your fancy, then you should try Virtual Table Tennis. It is one of the best sport game played by two players who alternately strike the ball over a net using racquets. Its gameplay is quite intuitive and I love the 3D graphics and high quality animations it brings. Virtual Table Tennis features real-time multiplayer via internet or bluetooth and this makes it a suitable game to play with friends.

6. Heads Up

Aside from movies, Warner Bros. can make good games. One of their latest title is Heads Up, a fun game that can be played with family and friends in a gathering party. The game begins with a player holding the phone up to his forehead while others try to give clues or guess the things that appears on the screen before the time runs out. Heads Up features six free categories, each with its own cards and they include celebrities, movies, accents and animal. It’s a game that’ll excite and make you laugh.

7. Racers Vs Cops

If you’re looking for a cool racer game that you can play with friends online, then search no further since we have found something you will like. Racers Vs Cops is a multiplayer game where you can either be a driver or a police officer. The game’s objective is clear. As a driver, you will need to reach the finish line first and as a police officer, your job will mostly be to bust and disqualify other racers. There are a ton of cars that can be unlocked and customize in this game and its visuals is top-notch.

8. Raft Survival

Raft Survival is hands-down a form of art. It is a very “detailed” and visually engaging game that you can play with friend online. The game begins when an aircraft crashes over the ocean with few passengers including you escaping death. Now your main goal will be to collect debris and build a raft whilst surviving hungry sharks attack. Raft Survival lets you upgrade your hero’s appearance and you can make tools that can be used to speed up your raft construction.

Wrapping Up

There are a plethora number of games you can play with friends online. Most of them are fun, while others are a bit challenging. The games “listed” above are available on Android as well as on iOS and they’d bring cool graphics. Go on ahead and have fun with your friends.

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