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GlitchFN: Is it Legit? Does It Work?

by Henry Emmanuel

From Minty codes to Wildcat codes, free V-Bucks codes and free Fortnite accounts, GlitchFN is a website that shares free Fortnite codes. Today, we’ll discuss its legitimacy and whether it works or not.

When you mix Fallout 4 sanctuary builder, Plant vs Zombies colourful cartoony art style and third-person zombie wave defense, you get Epic Games’ most popular game Fortnite. Not only does it include a creative mode where players can build their own islands or small in-game worlds using a set of premade items and construction tools but also a battle royale game mode where the objective is to hunt for gear and eliminate opponents whilst striving to emerge the last man standing.

Fortnite premise is quite simple: eerie storm has eliminated the bulk of earth’s population, the few human survivors (including you) must gather resources, fortify themselves and eliminate the terrifying creatures that have appeared to eradicate them. It is a great game per se, but aside from the epic victory, Fortnite skins and of course cosmetics are perhaps amongst the main allure of the game.

Despite being available in the Item shop, these goodies can only be acquired using the in-game currency V-Bucks and as a veteran, you’d know Fortnite V-Bucks equal to real-life money. Now assuming you are a Fortnite diehard looking to obtain epic outfits as well as weapons by redeeming a series of special codes released once in a while, then chances are, you’ve come across glitchfn.

What is GlitchFN?

In an era where the need for free stuff is rampant, glitchfn spawned, specifically with the goal to let users acquire most of Fortnite’s items. For the uninformed, GlitchFN is a platform that shares Fortnite codes. From Wildcat to Minty codes, the website also shares free Fortnite accounts as well as V-Bucks codes.

Now as someone who always question the authenticity of such site, you may be asking yourself if GlitchFN is legit and whether it works or not. In this article, we will discuss the legitimacy of GlitchFN to see if it is a scam or not.

Is It Legit? Does It Work?


Everything has a disadvantage, and Fortnite is no different. Despite having the privilege of being one of the most popular games worldwide, it isn’t without the dangers that comes with the advent of technology.

Like every games, Fortnite is rife with scams and when you come across sites like GlitchFN, you may think it is amongst the bane of online gaming.

Technically speaking, GlitchFN is not a scam. The site as promised shares free Fortnite Wildcat codes, Minty codes and more, but having been in existence for a while, most of (if not all of) the codes released so far are either outdated or has been claimed by other users.

Unlike similar sites, GlitchFN includes no pop-up and all of its links redirects to pastebin. It is got a friendly UI with an easy-to-use navigation.

To see what GlitchFN has to offer, simply head over to the following URL;


Wrapping Up

So this is all there is to know about GlitchFN. It is a good website per se, but considering how most of its codes are expired, you may not find it ideal.

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