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Knightly Passions Cheat Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Knightly Passions cheat codes abound. So if you are looking to unlock the gallery, here are all the Knightly Passions cheat codes to use right now.

Similar to Vis and Jessika’s Curse, Knightly Passions is an engaging visual novel with a lot of action. Its gameplay takes place in a magical, mediaeval world full of creatures, crafty witches, vicious, haughty aristocrats, and greedy, evil mercenaries.

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In the game, players are depicted as the protagonist on a quest to find his lost sister. In addition to its RPG elements, Knightly Passions features a tonne of characters to interact with, monsters to slay, and powerful weapons to acquire.

Albeit nonlinear, Knightly Passions story is one with diverse secrets, puzzles, mysteries, and riddles to solve. Its visual art style is as excellent as it gets, but if you are looking to simplify your gaming experience, you’re better off utilising Knightly Passions cheat codes.

Knightly Passions Cheat Codes

Similar to most visual novels, Knightly Passions features a cheat menu, but it is unique in the sense that it can only be accessed using a dedicated password. So assuming you’re already itching to see the game’s list of cheats, here are all the Knightly Passions cheat codes to utilise right now.

  • adayef – Unlocks the Cheat Menu

How to Use;

Prior to utilising the Knightly Passions cheat code above, players will need to turn on the cheat option visible within the game’s Settings menu. So to get this one going,

  • Open up Knightly Passions and jump into Settings, followed by Preferences. From here, look up cheats and click to turn on the option.
  • Next up, start up a new game or simply load a save, and you will see a circle holding a purple vial, a.k.a. purple potion, appear in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on it, then enter the above cheat code into the provided box to access the cheat menu with a list of cheats.

Wrapping Up 

For one thing, Knightly Passions cheat codes come in handy, especially when you are looking to unlock the gallery. So go ahead and click on the purple potion anytime you feel like cheating to access the cheat menu and activate the cheats you want.


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