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Incubus City Cheats (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Incubus City Cheats galore. So if you’re looking to get infinite money and more, then here’s all the currently working Incubus City cheat codes to redeem right now.

Games like Incubus City may not allure to many, but it is still one of the best lewd games to play on PC. Created by Wape in 2021, Incubus City is basically a text-based erotic game where players assume the role of a monster that prowls the city at night in search of fertile women to impregnate.

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In addition to possessing strange abilities such as enhanced strength and hypnotism, players can easily recruit, marry or enslave girls. Incubus City has over 19 beginnings, 22 endings, and a non-linear multiple path. It is a decent graphics novel per se and the art style looks pretty good.

For one thing, players begin Incubus City with a set amount of money, which increases based on their actions. They can use this money to buy different in-game items and increase their success rate. Now assuming you are looking to skip the hassles of grinding, here’s all the Incubus City cheat codes to utilize right now.

Incubus City Cheats

Incubus City Cheats abound. So without further delay, go ahead and type in the codes below in the “Come up with a new pseudonym.” page. Note: all cheat codes are case sensitive.

  • Ebeneezer – gain $5555
  • Wimpy – lose $5555
  • Pauper – Sets money to $1
  • Mortimer – add 4 days
  • Pepsi – get drugs
  • Sarge – get keycard
  • Skuggs – get chemical
  • Jill – get lockpick
  • Lappy – get laptop
  • Mairon – get ring
  • Bueller – get car
  • Gonzo – get Dreamochrome
  • Tinman – get token box
  • Quatermain – get red dossier
  • Taverner – get Callisto parasite
  • Verhoeven – get Black Book
  • Hoarder – get Lockpick, Keycard, Chemical, Drugs, Ring, Slave, Gear, Gun, Car and Laptop
  • Minimalist – lose the above items
  • Apex – unlock a lot of endings
  • Wape – unlocks first 14 endings, activates ‘debug mode’
  • Ape – de-activates debug mode
  • Ender – go to ending selector (similar effect to using Dreamochrome)
  • Memento – reset all girl states (similar effect to using Callisto parasite)
  • Librarian – to see the game gallery and complete hints tables.
  • Gate – find midnight fence. No point grinding a 1% initial encounter rate.
  • Endless – relock all your endings if you want to experience again the thrill of unlocking things.
  • No Wives – relock all wives also
  • No Tokens – really ?? at this point you can just start a new game.

Stats Cheats

  • Lothario – +22 Sex XP
  • Gatsu – +22 Brutal XP
  • Mentok – +22 Hypno XP
  • Asmodeus – +22 Incubus XP
  • TESTY – +122 Sex, Hypno and Incubus XP. +$2000 and gives you the Wedding Ring.

Additional Cheats

  • Chamberlain – Sets you to the “harem” playstyle and adds Director O, Princess Falia, Joy Smith, Kia, Lucine and Your Wife to it.
  • Kaiser Pillhelm – Takes all your daughters off birth control pills.
  • Super Mario – Skips directly to the Princess Falia event.
  • Haramaster – Sets your mother as a raped and seduced.
  • Revenge – +10 Love and Rape Score, Sets Brutal and Hypno Skills, adds $1500 money and moves you to the Tony Revenge event.
  • Wacist – Unlocks the ability to modify race terms (for Raceplay), located in the Pseudonym area.

Expired Cheat Codes

  • Trader Joe – Skips to the alley trade event (Broken at the moment).
  • Suleiman – Skips to the Emperor start (Broken at the moment).

Wrapping Up

So these are all the Incubus City cheat codes to utilize right now. Overall, happy gaming.

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