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Isekai Awakening Cheat Codes (2023)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Isekai Awakening cheat codes galore. So if you are looking to get skill points, gold, and stamina, here’s all the Isekai Awakening cheat codes to utilize right now.

The Isekai genre has won the hearts of innumerable gamers, particularly anime and manga fans worldwide, by providing a thrilling escape into realms beyond conception. Among the several titles in this genre, Isekai Awakening stands out as a unique game that immerses players in an unparalleled realm of wonder.

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In Isekai Awakening, players are forced into a mediaeval fantasy world where the goal is to help a Maiden heal all the girls in the town of a “Disease” by impregnating them. The game’s pixel art style is appealing, and there are a number of objectives to perform.

Now, assuming you are looking to skip the hassles of grinding for in-game resources, we have a plethora of Isekai Awakening cheat codes that can give you gold, skill point, stamina and what not.

Isekai Awakening Cheat Codes

In addition to gold, skill points, stamina, and more, the isekai awakening cheat codes listed below can help you gain access to extreme stuff and more.


  • Gold Cheat Code: 999
  • Skill Points: 469
  • Stamina: 123
  • Extreme Version: 3009
  • Relationship Cheat Code: 5010


  • Gold Cheat Code: 999
  • Skill Points: 429
  • Stamina: 379
  • Relationship: 1930
  • Extreme version: 09109


  • Extreme Version: 2109
  • Relationship Cheat Code: 2100
  • Gold Cheat Code: 799
  • Skill Cheat Code: 379
  • Stamina Cheat Code: 453


  • Extreme Version: 1909
  • Relationship Cheat Code: 1930


  • Gold Cheat Code: 799
  • Skill Point Code: 379
  • Stamina Cheats: 453


  • Gold Cheat: 111
  • Skill Cheat: 211
  • Stamina Cheat: 159

Wrapping Up

So these are the only Isekai Awakening cheat codes that are currently available for use. We recommend bookmarking this website and returning frequently to check for new cheat codes.

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