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10 Best Free Robux Websites That Actually Work

by Henry Emmanuel

Before now, we’d advice not to click on any links that says you can earn free Robux. But having explored “deep” into the web, we are “extremely proud” to announce that there are a lot of free Robux websites that allows users to get free Robux and trust me, this is no scam and your Roblox account won’t be stolen too.

If Minecraft allures you, Roblox should too. The latter is an online multiplayer game creation platform where you can play games created by other users or create your own games and virtual worlds using Roblox Studio. There’s a wide variety of games hosted on the site and they are mostly slapped under the racing, simulation, role-playing and fighting genre.

Roblox community of players and of course developers is quite “massive” and just like Fortnite, it introduces Robux as its in-game currency and once you’re able to accumulate enough of it, you’d be envied. With Robux, you can painlessly purchase a ton of upgrades as well as avatar accessories.

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One of the legitimate ways to earn free Robux is by subscribing to Roblox Premium which gives you a lump sum allowance every month plus access to features such as buying, selling and trading items as well as an increased revenue share on all sales in your games or you can be a good boy and purchase Robux from the official Robux page.

The fact that you are reading this article simply means you can’t and we aren’t gonna question why. From PointPrizes to SwagBucks, there’s a plethora of point reward sites that let’s you exchange garnered points for Robux but earning this points can be pretty difficult. Thus we won’t be mentioning them here. So if you’re all set, then here’s the best free Robux websites that actually work.

How to Get Free Robux

Before we proceed, we’d like to clear some air. Considering the fact that Roblox is popular and also whilst fully aware that the in-game currency Robux is a sort after commodity, a slew of hackers have come up with third-party sites (i.e Robux generator) that claims to offer free Robux but don’t be deceived by these deceptive tools for they’re scams.

Once they have access to your personal information, they’d hack your Roblox account and make away with the little Robux you have left. Below, we have unravelled the best websites we regularly use to get free Robux. They have all been tested by us and the “end result” is that they work. From Rocash to OpRewards and more, here’s how to get free Robux easily.

1. ROCash


A slew of users have been “cashing out” from RoCash ever since it was founded and if this is the first time you’re hearing of it, then trust me, you’re really missing out. ROCash is one of the most popular site that let’s you earn free Robux by completing tasks such as watching videos, completing surveys, filling out quizzes, downloading apps, and more.

It offers a wide variety of offer walls and an amazing video service that rewards you with Loyalty points for watching ads. You can also enter the giveaway to win up to 50 Robux. One of ROCash’s best feature is support for promo codes. On the site’s Twitter page, you’d get to see a slew of limited-time codes to redeem for free Robux.

Its referral program is top-notch too as it let’s you earn up to 5% of your friend’s earning once they sign up on the site using your link. Once you’ve accumulated enough Robux, you can easily withdraw it directly to your Roblox account.

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2. OPRewards


OPRewards was specifically designed to help users earn free online game currencies. It’s legitimate and can be used to get free robux (especially if you are patient enough). The site works by allowing users to download apps and complete tasks such as surveys and the reward for this activities is points which can be withdrawn for Robux.

Unlike ROCash, getting free Robux via OpRewards is a little bit difficult. The system isn’t as fast as you may think and personally, it’s unfair. You’d get up to 10 points for each task completed and once you’ve amassed 5,000 points, you can easily cash out.

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3. BucksReward


BucksReward is pretty generous. It’s one of the best Robux sites that let’s you earn free Robux easily. Joining the site’s Discord and YouTube channel gives you 2 Robux for starting and you can even earn more by completing surveys and/or quizzes, downloading apps and partaking in a wide variety of offers available on the platform.

Just like OPRewards, it brings support for promo codes which can be redeemed directly for free Robux. With over 72,000 Robux paid out, BucksReward albeit a new contender has proved to be one of the easy-to-use Roblox rewards site ever.

4. Rbxly


User Interface aside, Rbxly is a lot like RoCash. The site was initially founded with the goal of “giving out” free Robux to users who couldn’t afford it. As time goes on, the developers behind the platform realized they couldn’t make Robux available to all of its users and as such, they mapped out a new method that allows users to earn free Robux by completing offers.

Earning free Robux on Rbxly is pretty simple. You’d start by submitting your Roblox username to the platform. And once this is done, you can choose an offer wall which runs you through surveys or app installation and once you’ve completed a task, you’d be rewarded with a stipulated number of Robux.

The Withdraw button is a step away if you’re looking to cash out and you can join the site’s Discord server and/or YouTube contest to participate in daily/monthly giveaways. Rbxly promo codes also abound and they’re mostly visible on their Twitter page.

5. RblxEarn


With over 13,408 registered users, RblxEarn is definitely popular. It is among the list of sites that promises free Robux and it sure delivers. From watching videos to completing surveys and downloading apps, earning free Robux on RblxEarn is extremely fast and easy.

As a first timer, all you’re required to do in other to start earning is to link your account by entering your Roblox username and then you can complete offers and cash out once you earn a minimum of 5 Robux. RblxEarn also brings support for promo codes and its gambling page promises to double your Robux – although we haven’t given it a try.

6. RbxOffers


Rbxoffers is able to give users free Robux by using the money paid by offer provider companies or app developers for getting users to download their apps. It’s a trustworthy site and aside from Rocash, we use it often. One of the things that make RbxOffers worth using is that it doesn’t ask for your Roblox password.

You can painlessly sign up by submitting only your username and once this is done, you can earn points by downloading apps, completing surveys and watching videos. Points gathered in each activites completed can be exchanged for Robux and you can withdraw them with ease.

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7. ClaimRbx


ClaimRBX works and it’s definitely safe to use. From theoremreach to AdGateMedia, AdGem and Offertoro, the site brings a slew of offer walls to choose from. Earning of course is painless as all you’re required to do in other to get started is to login in using your Roblox username.

Completing offers by doing surveys, downloading apps and watching videos is the most common way to earn free Robux on ClaimRbx. The site aside from being legitimate is quite useful and we strong recommend you give it a try.

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8. BloxLand


BloxLand is undoubtedly awesome. It’s one of the most popular Robux site out there on the web. Its popularity is greatly attributed to its promo codes feature and hourly giveaway which let’s users earn free Robux with little or no effort.

That aside, users can “painlessly” complete a variety of offers which includes downloading apps, watching videos and completing surveys. Once you have earned enough Robux, you can either withdraw them directly to your Roblox account or redeem them for gift card.

Bonus Tip; The best and easiest offers on BloxLand mostly appear on mobile devices. So we recommend using one to access the site.

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9. RBX.gg


Unlike the aforementioned, RBX.gg claims to pay the highest rates to its users and despite the fact that we haven’t used it yet, it’s worth giving a try. In other to start earning, you will need to register within the platform and once this is done, you’d get a slew of offers and surveys to complete.

Points are awarded to your account depending on the type of offer completed and using the site system, you can easily convert your points to Robux and then withdraw it with qualms. Rbx UI is extremely user-friendly and it brings support for promo codes.

10. EarnRobux.Zone


Despite the lack of faucet, EarnRobux.zone offers many ways to earn free Robux. From promotions to referrals, giveaways and so on, it’s among the easy-to-use Robux sites worth trying out. The homepage features a slew of offers and quizzes to complete and once you perfect them, you’d be rewarded with free Robux for your hardwork and you can equally withdraw them straight to your Roblox account by providing your username.

Wrapping Up

So this is the most legitimate ways to get free Robux without purchasing them from the Roblox website. At first, the idea of completing offers and surveys may sound cumbersome but once you join the crew, you’d discover how easy the task is. The fun part nonetheless is that you can follow the aforementioned sites on YouTube, Discord, Twitter and more to keep tab on the limited time promo codes they offer. Overall, this is how to get free Robux easily.

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