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Last Shelter Survival Cheats and Activation Codes 2020

by Henry Emmanuel

The Mad Max universe where we have to gather reasources while protecting our shelter is an interesting scenerio for the plot of many video games. When you look at several real-time management and strategy video games developed in today’s era, you’d see that they feature this kind of settings. One such game in this case is Last Shelter Survival, a futuristic military franchise similar to Clash of Clans.

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The game’s story begins when a virus infected a huge proportion of the human race. Now acting as the leader, you’ll have to protect residents living around you by building a base and creating an army to face off enemy attack. With realistic graphics, Last Shelter Survival is a game inspired by Warcraft and Command & Conquer.


Now for what it is worth, it is hard to progress in Last Shelter Survival and gathering resources such as diamonds can be very cumbersome. So with that in mind, we decided to unravel a hack that can give you unlimited resources during gameplay without spending a dime. So if you are looking to get free in-game goodies, then here are the best last shelter survival cheats and activation codes.

Last Shelter Survival Cheats

Here at Gaming Pirate, we strive to keep our readers safe by providing real, legit and credible cheat codes that WORKS without qualm. Instead of digits, there’s a dedicated website that can give you tons of diamonds in last shelter survival. The platform is non other than App Tweakers, a user-friendly website that wants you to stop spending on in-app purchases.

Game Tweak is actually a generator that works by connecting to Last Shelter Survival database. It utilizes shady tricks to edit the default value of your resources to any amount you choose. The site is completely safe to use and free from ban.


Whenever it rewards you with diamonds, it cloaks the whole activity by simulating an in-app purchase of the exact amount of diamonds added to your resources thus making the last shelter survival support team think you bought them for real. Here’s how to use the site.

  • From the homepage, simply use the minus (-) or plus (+) sign to choose the amount of diamonds you wish to earn and then activate the option that says BONUS Giftcard while making sure that Anti-ban protection is enabled.
  • Next up, enter your Last Shelter Survivor username and choose the platform you installed the game on (mine is on Android).
  • Once done, simply prove that you are a human and not a robot by solving or completing the task assigned to you.
  • Now open Last Shelter Survival and you will find the diamonds on your account as well as the Giftcard key under the activity log.

Wrapping Up

Game Tweak is the only Last Shelter Survival hack that worked for me and that’s the major reason I shared it. Initially, I wasn’t happy with the way it asked me to complete offers such as downloading the apps and games I don’t need, but I figured it’s the only way to support the developers for their hardwork. So the human verification is there for a purpose and it isn’t intrusive. Go on and utilize the site, it’s the only Last Shelter Survival cheat code you’ll ever need.


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