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MillionPugs – Is It a Scam or Legit?

by Henry Emmanuel

If you shop online frequently and are looking for an easy and quick way to earn extra in-game content for World of Warships, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, Heroes and Generals, or many others, you should get to know the brand-new innovative cashback platform MillionPugs.

MillionPugs is a free rewards platform for gamers that helps you earn game items in exchange for rewards points you get automatically once you shop online in your favorite stores.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Then, is MillionPugs a scam or a fully legit service? In this article, you will find out:

  1. What is MillionPugs,
  2. Is MillionPugs legit,
  3. How does MillionPugs actually work,
  4. How does the MillionPugs extension work,
  5. Is MillionPugs worth it?

What is MillionPugs?

MillionPugs is a cashback platform created for gamers to help them gain valuable in-game items.

The platform allows users to collect reward points called pugs™, and credits which can be later exchanged for game items, such as:

  • Doubloons and skins for World of Warships,
  • various weapons and Gold for Heroes and Generals,
  • Meteorite powder and Premium Kegs for Gwent, and many others.

The list of games and content you can redeem for points is still growing as the service is fresh and is still acquiring new partners and brands that love games and want to join.

Is MillionPugs legit?

MillionPugs is a fully legal platform.
It was founded by gaming-industry veterans that are passionate about games. They know the pain points of players and are aware how it is difficult or costly to get truly powerful in-game content.

Consequently, they have decided to find a solution to this problem by designing a pro-gamers platform enabling them to get desired game items in an effortless and easy way.

What is more, it is strongly supported by heavy hitters in the gaming industry, including people behind the success of Riot Games, Wargaming, or Twitch.

How does MillionPugs actually work?

Once you create a MillionPugs account, you are able to start collecting pugs™ and credits when you shop online.

Currently, MillionPugs collaborates with almost 1000 brands from various industries. Therefore, you probably already shop at a few, so all you need to do to start collecting points is to activate the service.

How do credits differ from pugs™?

At first, MillionPugs offered exclusively pugs™ for making deals. Nevertheless, aiming to improve their service and help users to gain more valuable in-game content, they have also added credits.

Both pugs™ and credits can be used to acquire game items on the MillionPugs website. Also, you can earn both of them by finalizing transactions in the partnered stores.

The main difference is that the number of pugs™ you get usually depends on the value of your purchase, while the number of credits is fixed and normally equals 100 credits for transaction.

How does the MillionPugs extension work?

To take advantage of the MillionPugs service, you only need an account. On MillionPugs.com, you can easily browse:

  • available deals from affiliated brands,
  • in-game content you can acquire along with prices in pugs™ or credits,
  • number of your credits and pugs™,
  • special offers,
  • games that will soon join MillionPugs.

From the website, you can also get links to activate deals in partnered stores. Nevertheless, using the MillionPugs browser extension is the optimal way to use the service.

Once you install the MillionPugs plugin, it will display a pop-up letting you know about available deals every time you visit any of the listed stores.


Consequently, using the MillionPugs extension prevents you from missing out on any opportunity to increase the number of pugs™ and credits in your MillionPugs wallet.

The browser extension is free-of-charge, you can add it to your Google Chrome, and soon to Microsoft Edge as well.

What is more, adding the plugin equips you with additional pugs™ which speeds up the collection of rewards points for newcomers.

Is MillionPugs worth it?

If you shop online on a regular basis and like playing games, the MillionPugs service will be beneficial for you.
Let’s look closer at all the benefits that come with using the cashback platform.

Effortless and easy

First of all, MillionPugs allows you to get in-game content in the most effortless and easy way you could imagine. You don’t have to make any extra effort to collect points, but simply activate the service and install the plugin.

Therefore, it is an easy, simple and quick way of getting powerful game items for your favorite titles.

Various content for many games

Despite the freshness of the platform, MillionPugs already collaborates with widely popular games like World of Warships, or Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Currently, you can use MillionPugs to get:

  • easy Doubloons, or powerful ships for World of Warships,
  • Ultimate Premium kegs for Gwent,
  • new carbines, or Gold for Heroes and Generals, and others.

The list of in-game content you can redeem for points is still expanding along with the selection of games.

Shortly you will see on the list EVE Online, or Legends of Runeterra with brand-new content that will assist you in the game.
Various partnered brands

Apart from a wide selection of games, MillionPugs also cooperates with a lot of brands from various industries.

As a result, you can earn rewards points for multiple types of online shopping, for example:

  • ordering food at Grubhub, or Dinnerly,
  • buying groceries at Walmart,
  • purchasing new sports shoes at Newbalance, or
  • getting a new hoodie at GAP.

Currently, MillionPugs partners with almost 1000 brands, which makes it easy and quick to collect pugs™ and exchange them for gaming items.


Summing up, MillionPugs is a fully legit cashback platform created by and for gaming enthusiasts.

It is one of the best ways to earn valuable in-game content, like easy Doubloons for World of Warships, or Gold for Heroes and Generals without making any extra effort.

All you need to do to try it out is to create an account, install the browser extension and experience yourself how easy collecting pugs™ is and getting brand-new in-game items.

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