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Online Casino Security Against Fraud and Cheating

by Henry Emmanuel
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The popularity of online casinos is on the rise across the U.S. as more and more states pass legislation allowing operators to provide their services to citizens.

Americans in states with tougher betting restrictions can still access offshore casinos that provide great gaming experiences. Gambling expert Vlad Grindu explains the lure of offshore online casinos that have extensive betting markets and tempting offers.

In order to compete in a highly competitive market, operators must provide consumers with great sign-up bonuses as well as table games, slot machines, and other popular casino betting opportunities.
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They also provide users with high levels of security and fair outcomes, but this does make it more difficult for those looking for ways to get one over on certain systems.

How Online Casinos Protect Themselves Against Cheating

Most online casinos provide robust security against hackers and cheaters alike. In the early days of online betting, some systems had flaws or bugs that meant it was possible to access random number generators to determine the outcome before placing a bet. These days bets must be placed before the RNG operates to ensure this can’t be done.

Other issues arose after casinos used pre-set deck configurations that could be gamed. These types of issues are a thing of the past now, with online casinos implementing a raft of measures to protect themselves.

Continuous Shuffle Machines

The use of continuous shuffle machines in online card games has reduced the risk of card counting, with CSM systems capable of providing a more effective shuffle than live dealers.


AI is being implemented in many industries to automate processes and provide better customer experiences, and the online gambling industry is no different. AI is being used to offer tailored gaming experiences and marketing by analyzing playing patterns and preferences.

Another benefit of AI being able to analyze how customers play is that it can detect patterns and notify the operator of suspicious behaviors.

This provides the operator with a high level of security and also benefits honest players who are notified about suspicious account behaviors.

Sharing Information About Banned Customers

Players found to be cheating or attempting to cheat will typically be banned by casinos and information can, in some cases, be passed to other casinos. This collaborative approach to security minimizes the risk of criminals being able to move from one casino to the next after being caught.

Sharing information about how criminals exploit site weaknesses can also have a positive effect on the industry.

Rigorous Testing for Weaknesses

As with any app or website, the operator must be able to react to potential weaknesses and provide preventative measures. Security teams will continuously test sites and apps for weaknesses and provide operators with recommendations based on the severity of the threat.

Risk Assessments

When players sign up for a betting account, they will typically provide information proving who they are and where they live. This is especially important in the U.S. where betting legislation changes by state.

Betting operators can also carry out risk assessment checks on potential new customers to mitigate potential threats. Checking IP addresses and conducting credit checks are sometimes part of a casino’s application process.

Anti-money laundering risk assessments are also implemented to ensure the casino complies with AML regulations and minimizes the risk of criminal activity taking place.


Cheats and codes for online games can open up a world of possibilities. from RPGs, and strategy-based games, to augmented reality games like Pokemon Go, the ability to cut some corners can really help, but not all online games are easy to exploit.

Trying to find ways to cheat online casinos is challenging, and probably more hassle than it’s worth. However, there are ways to make the most of online casinos by shopping around for the best sign-up offers and deals and searching for online casinos with high payout rates.

With online casinos specializing in specific markets, it is possible to enjoy a variety of sign-up bonuses to play different games, with deposit matches, free spins, and enhanced odds all providing great ways to bet with minimal risk.


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