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Pentiment Cheats and Console Commands (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

With no sequel available in sight, it is high time we unravel all the Pentiment cheats and Console Commands out there.

Obsidian’s Pentiment is arguably one of the most interesting “whodunnit” game you can play right now. Its premise takes place in the fictional town of Tassing and puts you in control of Andreas Maler, a travelling artist on a verge of completing a work he’d term a masterpiece. One day, an unfamiliar baron came into town only to end up dead. As the unsung hero, your mission will be to find out what happened and unravel the mystery behind the murder.

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Pentiment dialogue and choice options is one to watch out for, for every single choice made impacts the story. In addition to its rich historical background, Pentiment is a really beautiful game featuring mediaeval art aesthetics but what other way to enjoy the game and possibly unlock essential stuff and even add background but to use all of the Pentiment cheats available.

Pentiment Cheats

In this section, we will explain how to cheat in Pentiment using console command. So without further ado, here’s how to get this one going:

To begin with, ensure you are running the Steam version of the game and not the Gamepass edition.

Now press the [~] Tilde key on your keyboard to bring up the console command.

With that opened, input the following cheats and hit Enter to activate the corresponding effect.

  • HideHUD/ShowHU – Hides or shows HUD.
  • UnlockAllJournalQuests – Unlocks every entry in present quests in the Journal tab.
  • UnlockAllJournalPeople – Unlocks everyone in the People tab of the journal for the act.
  • UnlockAllGlossaryMatches – Unlocks every entry in the Glossary tab for the act.

How to Change Time of Day in Pentiment

If you are looking to travel to a certain time of day in Pentiment, then here’s how to go about it.

First open up your console and type AdvanceTimeToHour, then X (i.e hour of the day you want to go to, it can be 11/13/18/20 ), then 1.

For example in order to travel to 1PM that day, you would type advancetimetohour 18 1, then press enter. You can use this cheat to do every investigation and have every lunch in one playthrough.

How to Add Background in Pentiment

As usual, open the console and type in the command AddBackground bg. Once done, press “Tag” to cycle to all options, giving a way to add all backgrounds.

Notice: After adding all backgrounds, character screen don’t open normally, but the game runs with it and gives all options.

Wrapping Up

There are several ways to cheat in Pentiment and while most players may choose to use trainers, we recommend taking advantage of the game’s console commands since it’s more reliable and convenient.


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