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Pokemon Go Promo Codes List (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Pokemon Go Promo Codes abound. So if you’re looking to get free Pokecoins, balls, packs, bonuses and other consumable items, then here’s a list of all the currently active Pokemon Go promo codes

We all love Pokemon Go. It is crazily fun and the fact that it combines augmented reality and the ‘Pokémon universe’ has made it one of the greatest “frenzies” in video gaming history. From Pikachu to Charmander and many more, Pokemon allows us to turn the real world we live in into a place of adventure and it does this by allowing us to hunt down and train the aforementioned creatures.

Now assuming you have installed Pokemon Go on your Android device, then chances are you have probably come across the “Promos” text field hidden within the “Shop” page. Now you do wonder, is that even a thing? Does Pokemon Go promo codes exist.. and what can they offer if redeemed?

Truth is they do and they have a lot in stock for trainers looking to Catch ’em all. For what it is worth, Pokemon Go promo codes are alphanumeric codes occassionally released by Niantic which once redeemed rewards players with various bonuses and Pokecoins.

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From Eggs to Poké Balls, there are literally a slew of consumable items that Pokemon Go promo codes offer. One thing to know however is that these codes are Niantic’s attempt to lure dormant Pokemon trainers back into the game and trust me, there trick is working.

So if you’re looking to get free egg incubators, lure module, incense, max options and most importantly pokecoins, then here’s a list of all the currently active Pokemon Go promo codes to redeem right now.

  • UWJ4PFY623R5X – Gives you 5 Ultra Balls and Stickers, 1 Lucky Egg
  • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ6 – Gives you 5 Stickers and Razz Berries, 1 Star Piece
  • UBCJL9X6RC47A – Gives you PokeBalls
  • 5PTHMZ3AZM5QC – Gives you 10 Max Potions and Ultra Balls, 1 Sinnoh Stone
  • FTT7V6NDZ6B8X – Gives you 3 Potions and Revives
  • LEQ8C2BQXJATZ – Gives you 3 Pinap Berries

So these are every single Pokemon Go promo codes that are still active (as of writing this post).

How to Redeem Codes in Pokemon Go


Before we go through the how to thing, it’s important to inform you that iOS users can’t redeem codes in Pokemon Go since that option isn’t supported yet. So for Android Users, simply fire up the game and tap the Main Menu (Poke Ball) icon whilst in Map View.

On the next page, click on the Shop icon and scroll down till you find the field that says “Enter your promo code“. Go ahead and input any of the above codes and hit Redeem to get your reward.


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