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Pokemon Xenoverse Mystery Gift Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Pokemon Xenoverse mystery gift codes abound. So if you are looking to get all Pokemon without catching them, here’s all the currently active and working Pokemon Xenoverse mystery gift codes to utilise right now.

The popularity of Pokemon has spawned numerous spin-offs and merchandise, to the point where fans of the franchise have gone extra length to release their very own Pokemon game with different stories to fill the gap where they feel the mainline games are lacking.

Now of all the Pokemon fan games out there on the internet, Pokemon Xenoverse appears to be the very best, as it offers a wide variety of content, compelling storyline and most importantly, hours of gameplay.

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Created by Team WEEDle using RPG Maker XP, Pokemon Xenoverse takes place in Eldiw Region where a young trainer is tasked to find their missing father only to become entangled in the dimensional rifts created by time-space vortexes between two parallel worlds.

With one of these worlds damaged severely, a strange specie X spawned and upon hearing of its power, the team dimension sets out to capture it for their own nefarious goals. But as the player, it is up to you to defeat both forces and restore balance between the two parallel worlds.

For one thing, Pokemon Xenoverse features over 100 Pokemon, some of which are not normally found in the main series game. Now assuming you’re looking to get these Pokemons without having to catch them, we have got below a list of all the Pokemon Xenoverse mystery gift codes that can assist you.

Pokemon Xenoverse Mystery Gift Codes

There are a plethora of Pokemon Xenoverse Mystery Gift codes. So without further delay, below’s some of the currently active ones:

  • BeehiveworldTotodileShinyPartner – Gives you the Totodile Shiny Pokemon
  • IGGLYLOVE14 – Gives you the Retro Igglybuff Pokemon
  • B33FL3ADRIVE2021 – Gives you the Shiny Beef Pokemon
  • EXEGGEASTER2021 – Gives you the Exeggcute Retro Pokemon
  • LITTENORANGE2021 (MunchingOrange) – Gives you the Little Shiny Pokemon
  • M1URATR1BUT3 – Gives you the Absol Shiny Pokemon
  • HUNTAIL2003 – Gives you the Huntail Shiny Pokemon
  • WEEDLE7ANNIVERS4RY – Gives you the Weedle Beta Pokemon
  • V1NT4G3CYND4U – Gives you the Retro Cyndaquil Pokemon
  • H4PPY29ST4RK – Gives you the Sharpedo Shiny Pokemon
  • SHIN1NGGL4C3ON – Gives you the Glaceon Shining Style Pokemon
  • BRILL1ANTL34F3ON – Gives you the Leafon Shiny Style Pokemon
  • EEVEE25XENOVERSE – Gives you the Retro Eevee Pokemon
  • MasgotHappyGlobalLaunch2021 – Gives you the Masgot Robe Sound

How to Use Pokemon Xenoverse Mystery Gift Codes

Before using any of the above Pokemon Xenoverse Mystery gift codes, you must have been Elekid, whilst also ensuring that the S key is bound to Y in keybinding. To verify this, press F1.


Once verified, go ahead and access Pokemon Xenoverse start menu and mystery gift code section by pressing X followed by S.


That’s it, you can now input the Pokemon Xenoverse mystery gift codes into the box presented. With that done, click Enter to Confirm.

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Buddy August 31, 2023 - 1:18 pm

Please update your list as the following codes do not work…



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