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The Best Roblox Bypassed Audios (2020)

by Henry Emmanuel

Roblox bypassed audios galore and while some may come with swearing and profanity, they are still cool.

The massively multiplayer online game creation platform where kids come together to create and play games made by other users is ostensibly awesome.

It offers a plethora of games from different genres that are crazy fun to play and the graphics is quite decent too. On Roblox, you will get to discover a ton of features that are handy but the one we’re most interested in is the ability to add music to your game.

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Yeah that’s right, Roblox sure allows you to make your game lively by adding background songs to it. From the ever popular Roxanne to Old Town Road and cradles, you’d find a slew of music codes for Roblox out there on the web.

But if you are looking for something that is badass and extremely loud, then here’s a list of the best Roblox bypassed audios to utilize right now.

Audio Name Codes
Sick Spongebob 5107051158
Loud Fire 5061414047
Faze Gang 5014528212
I’mma Show Aggression 4905152096
Gooba 5006502331
Anime Thighs 5109165468
She Keep Calling 5180520651
Gummo 4952734000
Billy 4962045664
Keke 4896727481
Subway Loud 4710794010
Big Shaq 4643427083
Loudest Rap Ever 4900370373
Rather Be 4860945501
I Feel the Greatest 4822536193
Moon Rock 2032544531
Run Up on Me 4925199274
Sketchers Loud 4749468713
Yung Bratz 5014528212
Kodak Black 5175364334
She Keep Calling 5180520651
Lil Pump Mix 4903954660
The Race 919064685
The Police 4598300079
Costa Rica 4598300079
Murkopps 5175453608
Lil Darkie Loud 5156262424
Flight Reacts 4802249828
P4rkr 5149325391
Keep Ya Head Up 5141596170
Fast Food 5149379336
Tell me You Love me 5155864261
Genocide 5116089511
Look at Me Parody 860034223
Fingers in my Butt Hole 5025226217
Fungi 5156678826
Coffin Dance 5156179677
Shotgun 5170270420
Let and Smash 5022160948
Snitch 5037021916
Fire 5011862661
Gasolina 5013049235
Carti 5007549188
F*uck You Bitch 5105616910
Nav Metro 5140189747
Yesiirski 5159276900
Bring That Bag Out 5071700663
Min Lil Uzi 4578515654
Seaseme Street 4949491870
Broke Boy 4908336570
Blueberry Faygo 4912595538
Lifestyle 4908002148
Pull up with a stick 5089966044
Rae Shr Swang 5180566245
Unknown 5173402665
Not Known 5175065190
I3rokenmane 5171019377
The Giant Enemy Spider 4702175858
Diamondsonmydi*k 5185011696
Bloodspill 5012965141
Unleaked 5066705606
Welcome to Hell 3404870276
Party Girl 5075135730
Tribute 5080395195
Nuts 5085713198
Rose 5175460671
Zilla Kammi 5129103178
New Trench Boy 5156273661
Boosey 5185688747
Ghostmane Mercury 4826807523
igotplentydi*ktoshare 5144209880
Twikipedia GPS 49219609850
New Choppa 4362008619
Zoo York 5172993950
Year of Cap 5173882056
Unfazed 5187992563
Status 5168910148
Skin 5189189139
A Sad Song about a Girl 5159562480
Tesla 1808294160
Lowkey 846596213
This N That 846596213
Climbers 846610832
Crado 2549392137
Ximv 5155141876
CleanCardibdruggedme 5124437543
Woke Up Like This 4905041241
Subway Surfer 4710794010
Dancing in the Dark 2535573400
Thom 452385370
Unsaved Info 427736550
Window 1161468476
World$tar Money 461346122
Medicine 686957303
Yeah Right 1750854877
Demons 1238431536
Old Yeller 610200394
Rain on Me 980609774
Rain in Me 1175516370
Why You Changin 1575368437

Wrapping Up

So these are arguably the best and most popular Roblox bypassed audios that are cool and extremely loud. So go ahead and add them to your game.

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