RoCitizens Codes for Money and More (2024)

Rocitizens codes galore. So if you’re short of in-game currency and probably looking to get some? Then here’s the best RoCitizens codes to redeem right now.

RoCitizens is one of the most popular role-playing game on Roblox. It is the perfect time killer for kids and adults alike and its adventures is one of the easiest I have seen so far. The game’s “main objective” is simple as players are tasked to get a job, a home and a car that can be used to drive around the town.

It’s gameplay doesn’t feature violence nor gore scenes but you’d see blood here and there especially when you run over a pedestrian. One of RoCitizens strong point is that it allows players to chat freely and role-play anything. Hence aside from roleplay, the game is also centered on cyberbullying.

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Now assuming you’re short of money and probably looking for some funds to buy foods, furnitures and clothing in-game, then here a list of all the RoCitizens codes thats still active and working as of 2021.

RoCitizens Codes

Albeit frustrating, there are a plethora of codes for RoCitizens that you can use. Most of the codes you’d see out there have already expired but don’t panic as the below list contains all the working RoCitizens codes for Money and other Rewards.

  • Million – Gives you $2,500 and a Trophy
  • goodneighbor – Gives you $2,500 and a Trophy
  • discordance – Gives you a Discord Trophy and $3,500
  • SweetTweets – Gives you a Twitter Trophy and $3,500
  • truefriend – Gives you a Pet Rock and $4,000
  • rosebud – Gives you $3,000
  • easteregg – Gives you $1,337
  • code – Gives you $10

So these are all the RoCitizens codes that still works as of writing this article. Now if you are already itching to claim them, then here’s how to enter or redeem codes in RoCitizens.

How to Redeem RoCitizens Codes

To begin with, go to the shop in-game by clicking on the bright green icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

A window will pop-up from here, go ahead and click on the last tab (I.e the blue twitter icon button) and you should see a black box in the middle that says enter code.

Simply type in the above listed RoCitizens codes and hit the enter key on your keyboard to get them redeemed. That’s all.

RoCitizens Scripts

Assuming the codes listed above didn’t give you the amount of money needed to purchase your dream car and other essential items, then you can painlessly utilize the below RoCitizens script to get billions of dollars in-game.

  • Download RoCitizens Script
  • Download Synapse X

Utilizing the above listed RoCitizens Script is quite simple as all you need to do is to download the Synapse X injector. Once this is done, simply open and copy every texts visible in the RoCitizens script shared above to your clipboard.

Now paste them inside Synapse X injector and fire up Roblox. Wait till the game loads and then click Play. Open the Synapse X injector and activate/turn on the amount of millions or billions you need and you should be good to go.

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