RoCitizens Script for Money and Furniture (2024)

Rocitizens script galore. So if you’re looking to get free money, furnitures and more, then here’s some of the working RoCitizens scripts to utilize right now.

As a Roblox diehard, It’s hard to come across a fully-fledged life simulation game like The Sims series. While the aforementioned has proven to be the best on all platform, you are certainly going to love the town and city game RoCitizens.

Created in 2013, RoCitizens is simply a role-playing game that task players to get a job and work to earn money which can be used to buy clothes, furnitures, houses, cars, phones and even foods.

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Now if you are looking to skip the hassles of grinding and probably get yourself a plethora of money, then we have got below, the perfect and only working RoCitizens script worth utilizing right now.

RoCitizens Script

It’s apparent that the best things in life are free and that too applies to all the legit RoCitizens scripts out there. While there are many of them, it’s pretty difficult to come across something that works since they got patched following the update applied not long ago.

However, having gone through a variety of websites such as Pastebin, we stumbled upon a cool RoCitizens script that can give you unlimited money, furniture and other valuable items once executed.

So without further ado, here’s the best RoCitizens scripts to use right now.

So these are the best and working RoCitizens scripts to utilize right now. They come with a ton of freebies that can help you live the best of your life virtually.

How to Execute RoCitizens Script

It is pretty ease to execute scripts in Roblox games but assuming you are a noob, then we will walk you through on how to do it in seconds.

The first step is to download an exploit. Of course there are a dozen of them scattered all over the web and while Krnl and its likes may seem secure and reliable, we’ll be using Synapse for this guide.

So go ahead and download, then install the Synapse Roblox script executor from here. Once you are done, navigate your way to and fire up RoCitizens.

Once the game loads, bring up the Synapse exploit, then copy and paste the RoCitizens script embedded above into the provided box.

Once you are done, click on the execute button and the script GUI will pop-up. Go ahead and tinker with the options to your preference.

RoCitizens Codes

Assuming the script embedded above have expired, then you are better off redeeming the below RoCitizens codes.

  • Million – Gives you $2,500 and a Trophy
  • goodneighbor – Gives you $2,500 and a Trophy
  • discordance – Gives you a Discord Trophy and $3,500
  • SweetTweets – Gives you a Twitter Trophy and $3,500
  • truefriend – Gives you a Pet Rock and $4,000
  • rosebud – Gives you $3,000
  • easteregg – Gives you $1,337
  • code – Gives you $10

Overall, this is the only working RoCitizens script worth utilizing right now.

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