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Shell Shockers Codes for Eggs, Skins, Guns and More

by Henry Emmanuel

I do never imagine that a character in a first person shooter game could come in a form of egg. Oh yeah, surprised? Then I guess you haven’t heard of Shell Shockers. It is a game that depicts you as an egg with the option to choose between four different weapons ranging from sniper rifle to shotgun then down to machine gun and an RPG.

The game’s main objective is simple, as all you are tasked to do is to shoot enemies eggs, thus sending them to kingdom come while watching their yolk get splattered everywhere. Shell Shocker’s motto is to kill or be killed. No blood, no problem. It is a pretty crazy and hilarious game quite suitable for kids.

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It boasts of simple design and graphics but features exhilarating concept and gameplay. You can give your protagonist a name and each character comes with different skills and abilities. Shell Shockers is a very popular web game, but with cheat codes you can easily apply some certain tricks that can help you blast your opponents swiftly.


So if you are looking for the best Shell Shocker codes that can give you free stuffs such as Eggs, Skins, Guns and more, then here are a list of codes for shell shockers.

Shell Shockers Codes

For what it is worth, shell shockers codes are a one time thing and they are rare to come by. So if you don’t have enough cash to purchase the game’s IRL items, then simply hit the ESC on your keyboard during gameplay to pause the game and type in the following codes to activate their corresponding function.

  • CHEESY PEAS – Enables faster fire.
  • RATTY RAT RATTY – Enables invincibility.
  • freedelivery – Gives you more weapons
  • noescape – Enables God Mode
  • norealguns – Enables infinite ammo
  • inapurplehaze – Let’s you enter the mind-boggling psychedelic mode
  • kensentme – Opens all the missions and the gallery

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Wrapping Up

There aren’t a slew of cheat codes available for shell shockers. However considering the fact that it’s trending and relatively making waves online, developers may be touched to create more codes that can give players free eggs and skins. Till then, make use of the above listed shell shockers codes.


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