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Subverse Save File Location (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Subverse save file location is easy to find. So if you are looking to modify your save game data, here’s where to find Subverse Save File Location on Windows and Linux.

Similar to most games, Subverse save file location can be pretty difficult to discover and may vary depending on the platform and the operating system you are using. To ease the stress or perhaps the hassles involve in figuring it out, we’re going to unveil the exact directory to find Subverse save file location on Windows and Linux.

What is Subverse?

Set in a sci-fi universe, Subverse is a hybrid of a tactical RPG and a shoot ’em up game. Its gameplay puts players in control of Captain Tsubasa, a space pirate who alongside his personality-differed crew are tasked to uncover the secrets and conspiracies of the Prodigium Federation in order to take down the organization.

Whilst navigating a spaceship through different star systems, players will be able to encounter various factions to form alliance with and using the crew’s unique skills and abilities, they can easily overcome challenges by defeating enemies in strategy turn-based combat.

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In addition to completing the main mission, Subverse includes various side quests that requires players to explore the game universe. That aside, there is also a dialogue system that comes in handy in building relationships with various characters.

Now assuming you have been trying to figure out Subverse save file location with no avail, read on as we unravel the exact directory to find Subverse save file location.

Where to Find Subverse Save File Location

Be it modifying the save file to alter the game paramaters in order to unlock content, max stats as well as in-game currencies, there are several reasons to lookup Subverse save file location. So without further delay, here’s where to find Subverse Save File Location depending on your operating system.


The save files for Subverse on Windows are typically stored in either of the following directory:





The save files for Subverse on Linux are located in the STEAM Play Proton game client in either of the following directory:

(Folder with Steam)/steamapps/compatdata/1034140/pfx/


~/.steam/steam/userdata/(user id)/1034140/

Please keep in mind that the exact Subverse save file location may vary depending on your system configuration, and also, we recommend making a backup of your save files before modifying or moving them.

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