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ACMarket App Download Guide For Android

by Henry Emmanuel

ACMarket is arguably the best alternative to Google Play Store. Today, we’ll walk you through on how to sideload it.

Are you looking for something better than the Android Play Store? Perhaps you want modified apps that you can’t find in the official store. Well, look no further than ACMarket. The top alternative to the official store, ACMarket offers tons of modified games and more, all for free.

How to Download ACMarket:

ACMarket is dead simple to install – all you have to do is follow these steps exactly as written:

  1. Open your browser and download the ACMarket APK file onto your device from https://ac-market.org/download/
  2. Open the Android Settings app and tap on Security
  3. Go into Privacy or Security and tap on the Unknown Sources option to enable it
  4. Open your Downloads folder, find and tap the APK file
  5. When you see ACMarket on your device, the app store is installed

How to Use ACMarket:

  1. Tap the ACMarket icon to open the store
  2. Tap on Apps and choose a category
  3. Find a game to download and tap it
  4. Follow the installation instructions on your screen
  5. The app icon is on your home screen when it is installed

ACMarket Features

ACMarket is one of the largest of all Android app store alternatives, with thousands of apps, games, and more, all for free. Here’s what you will find:

  • Android Apps – plenty of Android apps and games
  • ACMarket Exclusives – unofficial apps and games, only found here
  • Tweaked Apps – popular apps with cool new features added
  • Modified Games – stock games with everything unlocked and new features

Frequently Asked Questions

These should answer all your remaining questions about ACMarket

What Devices Can I Use it on?

Officially an Android installer, ACMarket will also work on iOS and on desktop computers with just a couple of steps.

Does My Device Need to be Rooted?

No, but it does work better on rooted devices. Mostly, it will modify any apps or games on your device to give them new features; plus, unrooted devices can run foul of the Play Store verification process and risk apps and games being blocked.

How Safe is My Device Warranty?

100% safe – ACMarket is a legal app and requires no special permissions to work. Where your warranty may be affected is in using some modded apps – if your device needs to be looked at in-store, simply remove those and reinstall them later on.

Fixing Common ACMarket Errors

ACMarket may be one of the most reliable alternative app stores in the world, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go wrong. The commonest issue is that it suddenly stops working, but these are some of the ways you can fix that issue:

Method 1: Reset App Preferences

This seems to be the most common solution for most users:

  1. Go into your Settings app and tap on Apps (App Manager – depends on your Android firmware)
  2. Tap on All Apps
  3. Tap on Reset App Preferences
  4. Tap Reset Now on the popup message and close Settings

You should find ACMarket is working. If not, go to method 2

Method 2: Clear Package Installer Cache and Data

  1. Back into Android Settings, tap on Apps or App Manager again
  2. Tap System Apps
  3. Tap on the option Package Installer on your phone
  4. Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data in turn
  5. Close Settings – ACMarket should work

Note that if you are on Android 6 Marshmallow, you will find those options in your Storage Settings.

Method 3: Enabling Unknown Sources

This has to be done for any unofficial content to work. If you didn’t do it, try this:

  1. Open Settings, and go into Security Settings
  2. Find the option to Allow Installs from Unknown Sources
  3. Tap the slider to enable it

If ACMarket still isn’t working, you must delete it from your device. Make sure that Unknown Sources is properly enabled and reinstall it once more

Alternatives to ACMarket

ACMarket may be one of the biggest and best alternatives to the Android store, but that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. And it may not have what you are looking for, either. If not, try Panda Helper, an iOS app store with support for Android. It is also free, and you don’t have to root your device to use it, either.

ACMarket is undoubtedly the most popular Play Store alternative, not surprising given that it was one of the first to be released. Inside it, you will find plenty of apps and games to download, not to mention game emulators, fully working media streamers, and much more. Even better, not only is it completely free with no need to root your device, but you can also run it side-by-side with the official store and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Try ACMarket on your Android device today; you never know it could be just the app store you’ve been looking for.

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